Wazzu fans say we're gonna shred their defense

… And also threw three complete games in the 1911 World Series. Or maybe I’m thinking of a different Chief Bender. :wink:

I’ve heard a story about the name but not this one. It’s new to me.

STATISTICALLY SPEAKING : WSU has the No. 2 passing offense in the nation (494 ypg) while Houston is the No. 113-ranked team in pass efficiency defense. Conversely, Houston has the No. 26-ranked run offense, while WSU has the No. 84-ranked run defense.

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Thank you for posting.

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Oh geez…

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Lol sounds like both gameplans will contrast and destroy the other. I hope we get the ball first and run right at them!

Our defense has been atrocious. I will pleasantly surpised if we offer any resistance to give our offense a chance to win.

Different Chief Bender but I initially thought that they were the same person. (Special thanks to Earl Weaver Baseball Tandy 1000 edition for teaching me names of the early baseball players).

Yes to both.

Patrick Carr is expected to play Friday so our running game will be better than it was the first two games.


Porter was shut down but Mulbah ran over OU pretty well. Maybe a chance for Mulbah to sit and we go with Carr, Porter, and Smith, if necessary.

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