We are Houston. this is UH

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The team hadn’t given up on CMA, look how happy those faces are.
Watch the Facebook video on the start of the season and you see what a family CMA is creating.


My judgment is still in the negative but if the team hasn’t given up and still plays for the win then there’s hope.

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I was very happy to see Kyle Allen embracing King after the TD. I’m glad there’s no animosity between the QBs despite who is starting. That tells me there’s no controversy between the players or coaches. Wherever KA ends up after this year I wish him the best and thank him for his time at UH.


Noticed that too, and concur with the sentiments

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Agreed. Allen changed my mind of him during the Tech game. He was struggling, but he never gave up. The interception he threw when he tried to chase down the receiver, drew a block in the back flag, got up and then chased down the runner 40 yards down field showed me the kid cares.

Hopefully he can find an offense that fits him. The Air Raid at Aggie and the Run Spread here just aren’t for him. Wonder if he’d do well at a place like Stanford that runs a Pro-Style Offense.


The problem with Allen is his inability to read the defense and his propensity to force throws into coverage – as much as I like the kid, if he couldn’t hack it in the Air Raid, I don’t know where he can. The fix for that stuff would presumably be a simpler scheme, but it doesn’t get much simpler than the Air Raid.

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Agreed, not sure how he can fix that if he hasn’t yet.


Great win!