We definitely need King back next year

Tune is a turnover machine.


He has been forcing throws when other options were available


I just don’t see King coming back

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I hope you’re wrong because good lord at the rate things are going Tune will be in the same category as Piland, O’Korn, Eddy, etc.

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I really wanted to buy into Tune, but as the season has gone on its more likely than not that he’ll be making the same mistakes as he gets older

He’s not a cerebral QB.

Lol idk what that means

He’s not sharp… or quick thinker.

You’re out of your damn mind. Go watch the last two years.

Damn boy… Chill… Who are you talking about? Im talking about Tune and he aint been here 2 yrs ago fool.


Oh I thought you were talking about King. My bad.

Save us King.

Tune forced throws and tried to make plays when there wasn’t one. King is not coming back. He will wait to see where Kendall Briles lands and goes there.

Oh come on! Unless you have solid and reliable info to post stop saying King is not coming back. It is almost like some are rooting that he wont how much they keep posting that King is not staying. Some of you live in such misery looking to the worst case scenario.


Unless you have confirmed evidence, you need to stop saying that.

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As I said on the other board, Tune is too slow on his reads that causes interceptions, missed passes, and sacks.


Tune shows a lot of promise. I will not pretend I know, like some of you, which direction Tune will go.
What he did do is make some big time time throws, runs and decisions in his last game.
I also believe with experience and a full off season in this system he will get rid of the mistakes he made.
In some ways I like the upside Tune gives us more, because we can open up the entire offe se for him.
What King gave us was exciting with his runs but also frustrating watching him bounce throws and unable to get the ball to the sidelines.
Many fans only seem to like the known variables which is King can really run opposed to waiting for the development. Tune has a very good skillset to work with.

Clayton Tuneover.

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Lol…he’s only started a handful of games…been injured half of those…and doing it all with his oline moving backwards 90% of the time.

His mistakes are mental because he shows promise on the physical side. All things correctable…but only if we can avoid using 14 different players to protect him.

And what was it about being 1-3 and throwing passes at the ceiling fans that says King will save us


You make no sense…please stop!