We Don't Hold the Record Anymore

Last week vs SMU, UNT finally broke the stadium attendance record set in its opening game vs UH. 29,518 vs 28,075.

Still no sellouts though. Capacity 30,850. Maybe next year vs UH


If we have a strong season this year, there should be a big crowd that heads up there next year. If North Texas stays strong this year, there should be a lot of hype for that one. If we can knock off Oklahoma and Washington State to open the year, that place may be overflowing.

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That would be sweet. Would love to see N Texas have a fantastic year and keep their coach, along with a 10+ win season from UH. Then have both undefeated and garnering all the attention in Texas in 2019 when they meet.

Tech would be wise to try to hire their head coach and OC

I think it’s a no-brainer for them if Kingsbury can’t turn the team around.

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I want Gibbs back.


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