We have 3 dual threat QB's coming in this year?

  • D’eriq King (Starter as of now)
  • Bryson Smith
  • Chance Amie
  • Julon Williams

some serious competition for next season


Are QBs allowed to participate in duels? :wink:

(KFD) #3

Dual and duel are easy to misuse, but they have different meanings, and accidentally substituting one of these words for the other weakens your writing. Dual is an adjective that means having two parts. Duel is a verb or a noun, and refers to a conflict between two entities.


Sorry english majors

I typed it quickly didnt think twice

(Ricardo Montano) #5

I have a strong feeling Julon Williams will not be competing at QB. I can see his role being much like King’s before he was named the starting QB.

(Butch) #6

Chance Amie is the plum of our incoming class…He is 6-4 and weighs over 200 pounds, is fast and has a really good arm.
JMO, but with the emergence of King at quarterback and with the touted Smith battling him this spring, there are some whispers that Amie could be considering other options.
I certainly hope not because he is a special quarterback and athlete. Keeping my fingers crossed that he inks early…if he don’t it might be time to sweat.
I think the Williams kid is a terrific athlete also and some think he could be an instant help at receiver…


I still don’t feel like King has truly proven himself yet. He’s only played 3 full games

Is that really a resume to justify the starting spot next year?

I guess we’ll see how he does in Hawaii


Amie seems more developed as a runner as of now based on his stats and will probably need a year or 2 to develop his game. I believe he has 11 touchdowns and 7 interceptions on the season. Compare that to someone like king who as a senior in high school had something like 38 touchdowns against 5 interceptions

(Cary) #9

He has “it”. The same “it” that Greg Ward had, and the same “it” that Keenum had.

(Chris) #10

King might have “a leg up” over the other three but I surely hope that we will have a true open competition. That will only benefits the entire squad. Would Chance Red shirt?


That’s what I was thinkin since King will be a junior next season

Gonna be a tough decision for the staff

(Alan Tran) #12

Julon is like a Demarcus Ayers to me


I still think it’s too early for that type of assumption

He’s talented no doubt, but we’re only able to compare him to 2 subpar QB’s (Allen and Postma)

Amie is much taller with the same play style. King is a great QB from what we’ve seen, but the offense as a whole may benefit him more as a WR.

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What about rude; do you think we didn’t understand what he meant? Do you correct everyone’s grammar when conversing? People really love being embarrassed by others in social settings.

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I don’t consider passing along information as being rude.

If I make a mistake, I’d like to know so I won’t keep making it. I’d rather feel stupid for a second than to remain ignorant forever. Personally, I don’t find much bliss in ignorance.

Everyone makes mistakes. Pointing one out to you is just another way of saying your , I mean you’re normal :slight_smile:


If he is confident in his abilities, he won’t change his mind just because there’s going to be competition. He’ll welcome it and it makes all the QBs better.

(JohnnyCougar) #17

This! All day, this! Every year, this!

(Jay C.) #18

Exactly. ESPN started tracking Total QBR in 2004, and King’s 2017 season number of 77.5 would rank 4th at UH behind 2011 Keenum (80.1), 2009 Keenum (79.7), and a hair behind 2015 Ward (78.1). People keep discounting this kid, and it really confuses me. The dude started as a sophomore on a juggernaut 6A high school team at Manvel, threw for over 9000 yards and 120 TDs in his career there. Hell, his backup was a 6’6 pro-style QB that got a scholarship to Florida who rarely played because he couldn’t get King off the field!

(Cary) #20

I remember having this exact same conversation about Joseph and Keenum in 2007.


It’s understandable with the overlap between him and Smith. We still have to offer every cycle to build some depth. What’s even more interesting is if the coaches push King out of the door after next season for Bryson, or not. I don’t see King leaving early, and that could be a selling point for the coaches to keep Amie on board.