We might have to beat a really good team 4 times in one year. 😳

(JohnnyCougar) #1

Has that ever happened?

Chances are pretty good of seeing those guys two more times, why not three?


I know back in the SWC days (late 80’s) Texas and Arkansas met in an Elite 8 game, but I can’t remember if they met in the SWC Tournament or not. If so, that would be 4 times that I could not have cared less to see.
Also, N.C. State met Virginia 4 times (2 ACC, 1 ACC Tournament, and West Regional in 1983.

(Mark) #3

Sure, we can meet in the Final Four

(Munzell Milluns) #4

Cincy usually flames out in the tourney. But we’re almost guaranteed a third game if we find a way to win our side of the CT. And, honestly, I want to face Cronin the fewest times possible. He’s like a pedestrian cyborg. He doesn’t make many mistakes twice.

(Dan) #5

With all their history, Duke and UNC have never played in the tourney.

(Munzell Milluns) #6

That is a staggering piece of trivia. I would have never thought that possible. “Mandela Effect”?

(Matt Jackson) #7

Duke and Maryland played 4
Times I think when Battier was a senior. I know they played in the final four.

(Albert) #8

If we meet Cincinnati in the tournament can we bring the red light sticker cover ups to the game?!