We Need a Tough Running Back

This team needs a tough running back that can make the running game work. Yes, I know all the problems with the Offensive Line, but why not give the others a real shot. We know what Birden can do and what Duke cannot do, so it’s time to give Mulbah Car and Patrick Carr so time along with seeing if Kokuma, he’s a Junior now or Davion Mitchell, a Freshman can help this poor running game. Davion was a track star and has speed.

We have go to recruit some STUD running backs.

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Isn’t our top commit a RB?

Kelan Walker (6-0, 205) of DeSoto, 24/7 has him at .8750.

RB ain’t the problem


Who is to say Birden isn’t tough? Catalon keeps getting the starting job for the same reason Allen has gotten to start. Because he has stud dimensions. Birden averaged 5.9 yards per carry on 14 attempts at Arizona and yet has only had 4 carries each of the last two games. Catalon averaged just 4.3 yards on 18 attempts against Arizona yet he got 7 carries against Rice and a futile 3.2 yards per carry on 13 carries against Tech.

Hard to prove you are a stud when coaches put the blinders on and keep giving the same guys opportunity after opportunity.

We didn’t play ASU

RB is definitely part of the problem and I called out Catalon well before the Sam Diego State where he was something like 13/18 and everyone else said bull. Oh really?

I think we have a couple “tough” runners. I think we need a home run hitter. Somebody who can make the defense miss. Someone who can take it to the house any time he gets out into space. We don’t seem to have anybody that can do that as of now.

Saying we have a running back problem because of Catalon’s performance is like saying we have a QB problem because Allen isn’t performing. Do we need to go out and find another QB as well? Just because the starter isn’t doing the job doesn’t mean no one else can step up and take over.

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You are choosing to ignore more than a seasons worth of poor performance by Catalon and compare that to a bad game by our QB. Short sided shaggy.

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I’m comparing it to Allen’s last 5 starts as a QB. If you want to ignore what Allen did as a QB that got him benched and made him transfer, THAT is short sighted.

Besides all that, you missed the whole point. You can’t say we have no tough running backs when we haven’t seen all the running backs get their chance.

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On offense, RB is way down the list of problems, and , in my opinion, not a problem at all. If you don’t get blocking, you aren’t going to run the ball, period. If the defense isnt going to worry about your passing game, you aren’t going to run the ball, period. If your receivers can’t block well, you aren’t going to run the ball, period.

I get the stats, I see them, but unless you have Barry Sanders back there who can make yardage out of nothing, it ain’t going to matter who we put back there right now.

And, you called out Catalon and are bragging about it? Fantastic, you must be a swell guy.


Our OL splits were very close which surprised me. Wasn’t expecting Leach Air Raid splits but would think a little spacing would benefit our run blocking.

Don’t need Barry Sanders, just need a Farrow type. Not sure why Birden isn’t getting carries. Didn’t somebody say something about fumbling in practice? Is that bad enough to not give him more carries. Also does anybody think part of the problem is all the RPOs where the Oline cant be as aggressive blocking in case it is a pass? Also would help if we could even try the QB under center once and a while where the RB can get momentum heading towards the link for short runs, or even a QB sneak option. Tech did it multiple times… Just crazy watching a 3rd and half a yard where he run another freaking read option.

There was a lot more going on at aTm you’re ignoring. Allen was injured in those 2 games including Bama and shouldn’t have been playing, but Sumlin hung him out to dry because he was POed at Murray. Sumlin had promised Kevin Murray that Kyler would play, and after Allen was so bad while playing injured, he had to play Kyler

I’ve said I don’t think Allen is the right fit for this offense, but don’t simplify what happened at aTm as Allen was bad

I mean…that seems likely, unless we have someone stashed away that can do something.

I take it from your lack of football knowledge that you are a first Year fan with no previous playing experience so I’m glad to help you understand. Pointing out that somebody is not all that doesn’t make you anything other than a better judge of talent than you which as we have already established isn’t saying much. There are those on this board that will choose to believe you are not a true Coog if you point out an obvious negative but don’t let that stop you from being your own man.
You are on the right track about needing to have a good OL but even a great offensive line can’t make a RB with no talent a good RB.
There is nothing to be proud of when pointing out someone lacks talent but when you are the loan voice of reason you as a hater can expect to hear an “I told ya so”.

No, but a good OL can certainly make a bad RB look serviceable. RB is very arguably the most plug-and-play position in Football – look at the revolving door of RBs the Texans had in the early Kubiak years. Steve Slaton, Darius Walker, Chris Ogbonnaya, Justin Forsett, Ben Tate…the list goes on. Solid line play goes a LONG way in the running game.

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Don’t be confused about pro ball being like college ball. It’s different. Catalon couldn’t make it at Texas, why would he make it here? He isn’t an he won’t no matter how good our line is.

Burden is definitely better than Catalon.
Stats don’t lie.
And the eye-test backs it up.
It is easy to see that Birden sees the hole and hits it Much faster than Catalon. I’m always amazed at how slippery fast Birden is. And he seems to get a lot of RAC yards.


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