We need to grow

Rank Arena Team Capacity Opened
1 Frank Erwin Center Texas 16,734 1977
2 Allen Fieldhouse Kansas 16,300 1955
3 United Supermarkets Arena Texas Tech 15,020 1999
4 Hilton Coliseum Iowa State 14,376 1971
5 WVU Coliseum West Virginia 14,000 1970
6 Gallagher-Iba Arena Oklahoma State 13,611 1938
7 Bramlage Coliseum Kansas State 12,528 1988
8 Lloyd Noble Center Oklahoma 11,528 1973
9 Ferrell Center Baylor 10,347 1988
10 Schollmaier Arena TCU 8,500 1961

Baylor won a national championship with the second smallest arena. Why can’t we?



Well based on that texas has the most revenue potential in basketball revenue and they zero nattys in bball.

I bet they don’t fill it all the time. Also if they wanted to get more revenue they just increase price. Like it was stated before Duke does pretty well.


UT new arena is downsizing to around 11k I think.

Edit: It will hold 10k for Basketball. Schd to open 2022 Season


Can our arena expand? Going to 10k would be fine. Zero reason to do anything more than that.

Cameron Indoor doesn’t even hold 10k.

I think another 1500 or so would be ideal. Put it around 8600. It’s ok if size is little smaller footprint than most. It’s a great venue.

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Just hike the price. Quality over quantity.


That’s where I would ultimately land. 10k would be the absolute max.


I agree…perfect size…

Increase numbers and price…Guys the big 12 will be a game changer on all fronts…just think about recruiting… mostly football

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We aren’t expanding. We didn’t build it to do so.


whats the F-Center cap? close to 8,500? I think thats plenty.

we need a few seasons of actual sellout games before we start talking expansion. I mean actual butts in seats sellouts, not just tickets sold. even then, we can cram 9,000 in there standing room only and it will be ROWDY!

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Right now?

Fyi… FC holds 7,100 at capacity. That’s the only downside. Had to give up seats w the whole raise the ceiling etc. I’m not an Engineer, I just know that came into play n reduced cap of arena. Have t9 do for now.

right now, what?

sneaky edit…

yes my google foo wasnt that good, looks like it was the hoff that held 8,500.

Seating capacity

Correct. Lot of people get fooled w that. I love #s so the capacity sticks w me. The Hoff was originally little over 10k when built, then last of few redo’s it went down to around 8500.


UT never opens the upper deck unless they are playing Kansas.

That seems correct to me. The Fertitta Center will not be expanded. Sitting up in Indiana’s old fieldhouse during this year’s NCAA tournament, the view was TERRIBLE. Bigger is NOT better.


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