We should be 3-0

What a gut punch

Tech game still hurts. National TV


Nothing about that game made me think we should be 3-0


Nothing about having Applewhite has me confident about his ability. He is now 0-2 vs his former Conference.


Try not to think about it and look forward to better days. Any more of these disasters though and somebody’s seat is going to get hot.


It won’t happen until ticket sales and attendance drops significantly.

I have watched Cougar football a LONG time. We always lose one.

I was upset last weekend as well as everyone. But better to lose a non conference game and expose our weaknesses so we can fix it, before conference play.

Go Tech beat Okie State.


How low do they have to go??

The way we lost hurt but if you thought this was going to be our first ever 14-0 season after the season we had last year, that is kind of on you.


true that, but tech was winnable and a 4-0 start with a win vs TSU would have created some buzz and help fill in the bandwagon and the city of Houston has a lot of bandwagoners(i.e. the Astros, they weren’t getting 10k in September 4 years ago)

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The power of the P5 effect

Its sad that we have to win the entire conference to gain the same kind of buzz that would come from just beating a P5

Although if we had beaten Tech but lose the conference or even worse, not even make the CCG… then the Tech game wouldnt even matter

At least we aren’t a SEC west reject. At least we still have some sort of chance. That’s the greatest thing about the AAC, you never know what you will get

I like to think, even in down years, every game is winnable.

If it were a conversation between a team and a rabid fan with high expectations it would go something like:

Team: I hope you watch and cheer for me today
Fan: I know you are going to win this. Go get them!
Team: Well they are a good team and I respect them, but I can win this and will do my best.
Fan: OMG I can’t believe you lost. I cried all night.
Team: Yeah, they were the better team yesterday. I tried my best and all I can do now is prepare for the next game. Hope you will be there.
Fan: Don’t make excuses. You suck, the season is ruined and I hope you get replaced tomorrow.


They got worked in that game. In the end it wasn’t close. They didn’t deserve to win, but what’s odd is people act as if the season is over. The reality of an AAC title is still in play and that’s the ceiling at this point. If you’ve watched any of the AAC teams play none of them are monsters.


I think most UH fans are more worried about an NY6 than an conference championship

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Then we have an unrealistic fan base.

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Those would be fans that need to brush up on their college football knowledge. Not because of high expectations but because the NY6 invites the highest ranked G5 conference champion. A conference championship doesn’t guarantee an invite but no conference championship guarantees no invite for G5 teams.


Last time I checked our total defense is ranked almost dead last in FBS. No way we come close to winning the west unless there is a drastic change in that side of the ball

There may not be any monsters in the AAC and sadly, that includes us.

The Tech game skewed everything. TSU will move the numbers back but still won’t really tell you anything. They were excellent against Arizona the majority of the game. The pass is the way to beat UH and hopefully the defense improves.

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Best thing to hope for is the coogs win out as many games possible, dominate the conference, and hope Tech destroys everyone.

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But losing to Tech hurt our overall dominant record against them and a former SWC foe…this wasn’t just a out of conference loss…this was a loss to another state school who went to the Big12 instead of us…I am still upset about the Big12 thing 22 years later and this loss stings worse than any other loss we receive this year…period. I would have rather lost to Arizona than Texas Tech…

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