We Want To Hear From You - Houston Football Survey

FYI. Got an email this morning from UH with a link to a survey as entitled above. Questions on renewal disposition, safety, covid impacts, etc.
Does anyone know what % of season tickets have been renewed?

I’m wondering the same; poor performance last year compounded by the COVID impact probably has folks questioning their renewal. The home schedule isn’t that appealing as well (with the exception of UCF). But I’ll be there!

I received both a football and MBB survey this morning.

So…they ask for our input about safety…but no other positions?



I answered the survey. I am so undecided right now about this season. However, I did take the opportunity to let them know how I feel about the in game entertainment and concessions. It felt good to get that off my chest…again.

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I got two surveys — Football & Basketball. I’m satisfied with most everything and responded that way.

The only thing I complained about (in Basketball) was not enough Men’s Restrooms, both on the Concourse and the Club.

The last question was are you going to show up and I picked the “Absolutely” choice.

Steve . You’re spot on complaining about not enough men’s restrooms. However if I recall from the time I was enrolled (1971 ~ 1975) The Hoff had the same number of men’s restrooms, one each behind the goals. I don’t think they reduced the number. They need to convert two of the women’s to men’s IMO.

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@coog74–I remember the two-restroom setup at Hofheinz but the long lines at Fertitta tell me something’s changed

I also remember one of the faucets in Hofheinz dripped scalding-hot water for years. You learned to skip that one. And the ‘Pink Powder’ soap. That stuff was actually good.

Coach Penders talked about arena seats that were so old you’d sit down and get a spring up your hiney.

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I renewed my 2 a few days ago .

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I’ve renewed my football season tickets, my basketball season tickets, and my Cougar Pride donation. I am ready for FB and will be ready for BB when its times. When they play at home, I will be there unless I am physically unable, which I don’t forsee. I may attend some away games, depending on travel restrictions that may still be in place.

I’m ready for some football! Actually, I’m also ready for some baseball and golf.


Renewed mine a few days ago in football! Living in Waco, I’m gonna try to make most of the home games and the trip to SMU .


I thought that chair was just happy to see me.


I will renew 2 seats for both. I can wear a mask and social distance if I have to. Aggies are planning on playing. If they can do it we certainly can. Especially if the people in the suites stay in those areas.

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