Week 2 AP Poll = 6 votes

Well, going into the second week, everyone’s other favorite head coach Tom Herman, :grin: got his team out of the polls with no votes. UH has 6.


Same amount as Memphis

UH Got 4 votes in the Coaches Poll


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No votes for Cincy for going on the road and beating Chip’s debut at UCLA?


Crazy right! No Respect!

And UCLA may have entered the top 25 if they’d won. Beauty pageant.

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UCLA will get dead last in the PAC this year. They are not very good.

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according to this poll we are better than byu…6 votes vs 3

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Couple other head scratchers. Three people ranked Maryland and one as high as #18. Guess beating Lyin’ Tom at home is a high achievement.

And five voters still ranked Florida State after they humiliated themselves at home last night.


UCLA is a bad team

Yes but this is the same system that ranked UT in Week 1 so common sense is not assumed.


Cool tweet from our resident AP Coog-voter

She’s the Durham NC radio host that has ranked UH #20 in the first two polls


Yeah, the AP isn’t much different than anyone else when it comes to bias. If UT beats UCLA, UT is top 25. If Cincy does it, UCLA just sucks. Fans are kind of like that though. UCF has a near perfect game offensively against UConn, some game props to UCF and others said UConn is trash. Both don’t have to be mutually exclusive in this case though.


We, the AAC will get there. If both divisions keeping winning then the Championship game will be hard to ignore. In 15’ Temple didn’t bring the style points despite being ranked, but if UCF, USF, or Cincy now, can make it to the Championship with A P5 win, it will be a big game that should give a top 10 ranking as a reward.

But I just a casual homer. What do I know? :sunglasses:

It should happen but it won’t. The CFP committee’s job is to make sure nobody from the G5 makes it anywhere near the top 10. It’s the only set rule they agree on when voting. Everything else is subjective.

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I hope you are right. I thought the AP might redeem itself with UCF’s ranking after they scored TDs on 8 out of 9 possessions on the road but nope. They will have to do the same against UNC week 3 and Pitt week 5 to get the jump back to the top 10 they deserve.

I know UConn is hot garbage but the UCF offense was scary good in that game. UH vs. UCF could be a very entertaining game. Wish we had UCF on the regular season schedule this year.



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