Week 2 college games (Conference-mates and games of interest)

Let’s start…

TCU and SMU finally starting after a weather delay.

TCU heavily favored.

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Man i was nodding off waiting for this thing to start. Was that 2 hours?

Yeah. Just about. I dont usually root for smu but anyone in our conference that beats a big 12 team is good with me.

SMU 9-0. TD and a safety.

Isn’t college football great? SMU looked like the worst team in America last week, and naturally they’re dominating TCU so far this week.

SMU had no shot on that tcu punt return TD

SMU should put that true freshman Brown in at QB and just let him run. They tried it once he got 5 yards and they just moved on. It is very wet there and Hicks is doing nothing through the air. Give TCU something they haven’t prepped for.

Can’t believe this is the same Hicks who torched us in 2016. He i has really taken a step back

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Looks like SMU just remembered they suck.


And TCU’s defense remembered they should dominate this game

21-9 in the 3rd. I hope we don’t flip and flop around like these two teams. Maybe it’s a wet ball, but still pretty sloppy.

SMU is bad. TCU also shouldn’t be the #16 ranked team in the country as they aren’t that good.

USF/GT going back and forth. GT just went up 31-28. 4 minutes left in the 3rd.

USF up 42-38 with 5 left in the game.

USF 49-38 with mins left.

USF beats Georgia Tech.


Looks like a great running start for Scott Frost. Even doing it the right way should still be a lesson about dancing with the one that brung ya.

Nice win for the AAC.


Shhhhh…ECU leads UNC at the half. Let’s go Pirates. Don’t want to jinx that one though.


Say whhaaaatt??:slight_smile:

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