Week 2 Teleconference and Press Conference


If you can’t listen, there’s some quotes in here:

On what Arizona quarterback Khalil Tate brings and the difference he made in the 2017 game
"That was a totally different team for the 3-3.5 quarters that he was not playing. It came down to the last series, up three, and they’re either going to kick a field goal and take it to overtime, or they’re going to score and win the game, and then Garrett (Davis) had an interception there in the red zone to seal the game. The game totally changed when he entered the game in terms of what he provided them at quarterback.
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“(Running back, J.J.) Taylor, Shawn (Poindexter) (Tony) Ellison, all of those guys are tremendous athletes, but when he came into the game, there was a definite change in momentum and the spark that he provided. He’s an elite player. He’s a great quarterback, who is very, very athletic. He has a great host of talent around him in terms of Taylor and Ellison and Poindexter, who is playing great as well, so there’s a lot more to that offense than just Khalil, but he has all those weapons, and he knows how to use them.”

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Applewhite seems humble, smart, and well thought out. A lot to like.


I’'m impressed that when he was asked about improvement, he started with himself. He emphasized the questions he has to ask himself about using Bryson, not what the RB needs to do or not do. Was CMA expecting too much of him, had he not provided clear enough “rules” for returning a punt, etc. That’s the type of coach or any kind of leader I’d want to follow.


CMA is self critical and that’s a huge improvement by itself. Good Presser today


We need to be ready on special teams because Summie will try something.


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