Week 3 Conference Games and/or Games of Interest


Also Tulane losing to UAB 21-7 at the half.

How did Texas lose to Maryland?

Man, Jimbo left FSU barren. No wonder he was willing to go to Aggie land.

If I was an Aggie, I’d be worried about what’s happening at FSU…could be them in a few years.


Was just about to comment on this. FSU sucks!

Nebraska is down 24-13 at home to Troy

Scott Frost may take awhile to turn that one around.

Temple just needed to leave Philadelphia.

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Henderson is a load, that’s for sure.

UCONN survives Rhode Island - 56-49. Rhode Island was driving late, but couldn’t get it in the endzone.

Temple crushed Maryland (read how bad that makes Texas look)

Syracuse crushing Florida State (either Jimbo is a super fabulous coach who got more out of inferior players than anyone in the world OR he hasn’t recruited in a few years and left the cubbard completely bare)

Troy beating Nebraska (the huskers have taken a step back - worse than they were last year)

UConn barley avoids losing to URI (Rhode Island-to save you from having to look that one up)

Iowa State looked really good against Oklahoma (big 12 run is gonna be tough for anyone. Even Kansas beat Rutgers)

Honorable mention: Davidson college scored 91 points. Yes, their football team.

I think we broke Florida State !.


Tulane just need to complete the comeback over UAB before we take over Jones Stadium

Hey…Tulane tied it.

And UAB drove down the field to take a 7 point lead. 2:19 left.

Tulane fumbles…that’s it…Green Wave lose to UAB.


Okie State up 34-21 on Boise State late in the 3rd

Michigan up 28-13 late in the 3rd

Illinois beating USF 19-7 late in the 3rd

Duke leading Baylor 23-13 late in the 3rd

USF comes back to knock off Illinois 25-19

So with our situation today the AAC West has 0 undefeated teams. That has to be a record for earliest that has happened by several weeks. Us and Memphis had deep undefeated runs recent years. 3 undefeated teams left in AAC East.

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