Week 3 Monday Press Conferences

You can watch live here if you have a subscription; starts at 11:


Love Major using “Power6 conference” and “so-called major conferences” in his answer.



Got to love Houston media. Coogs knock off Arizona and we get a whopping two media members at the press conference this week.


The big issue is Texans Monday conference is at 11:00 also so everyone is there. Even Berman is at TEXANS n not at UH. Will say that the 3 major tv stations could have sent someone over to UH. They all have 3-4 Sports people on their staff to cover diff Sporting events in the City. #Sad

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Hell, send an intern or somebody.

Sad thing is that they’ll use the Cougars video or JD’s articles to do a story about the Coogs later in the week and then not credit either. Houston media is the worst.


Even our own don’t push the Coogs:

That’s going little too far Pray10. He’s always pushing #GoCoogs every chance he gets. #limitedaudience


He didn’t in this case.

I like Matt, but we don’t have enough media penetration in this market. We need the few that we have to push us every chance they get.


MThomas reps the coogs. He does it well…and I’m not a huge fan of Thomas. But that man works his tail off. Good example of effort is sometimes more than substance.


This statement is alarming seeing as we are the University of Houston. I don’t see it changing unless we are invited into a money 5 conference. The media folks in Houston only care about views and clicks, and the only time we provide that is when we are having an exceptional season.

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I agree with you, but it doesn’t just apply to athletics.

Here’s a local TV station on the USNWR rankings. Notice a problem with the headline:


No mention that UH also rose. Probably because they just pulled the article from Texas Tribune and didn’t alter the headline. That’s laziness on their part.

Edit: Oh wait, it’s even worse, if you go to Texas Tribune’s article, they actually list UH in the headline:

So our local TV station actually edited the headline and took UH out of it.


These jokers will go the way of the newspaper before long. Sad, sad, sad.


This is inexcusable malicious conduct. We must all contact channel 11 and let them know that we don’t appreciate it.

IThe reality is that the Chron and TV Stations get a great deal of revenue from the professional sports teams. 610 is attached to the hip with the Texans. These guys would rarely bite the hand that feeds them or bad mouth the team. The opposite is true when it comes to UH and you hear things like “I don’t owe UH anything”, which you would never hear them say about the Texans. We are jockeying for finite resources against professional teams that also have an inherent bias due to the financial impact on radio, tv, and print.

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For those naysayers that say the local news people don’t have it out for UH. They do and that right there proves it.


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