Welcome to mediocrity. Is this the new norm?

Watching the game last night was like so many this season - just plain painful to watch and sooo boring.! There just seems to not be any energy or inspiration to define this team. Until some changes are made, I think we are destined for 7-5 (or worse) seasons and low tier bowl games. Snore!

I just don’t think Applewhite is the man for this job.


Sad but true. We desperately need a better coaching staff.


Two more years of this mediocrity. Sad.


Hopefully fertita pays to rectify his hubris.

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Hopefully next time Uncle Tillman will let a football guy hire the right HC


Khator and Tilman crawled all over an unproven Applewhite saying that no one was going to be able to buy him out. You shouldn’t conduct a coaching search when one of your biggest motivating factors is how hurt your feelings are. Hopefully the new AD will have some autonomy and won’t be a figurehead filling a position like Yurachek was.

I want Major to succeed and he absolutely has to make huge strides next season. But it’s not looking good. In about one calendar year we went from a college football darling to irrelevant. It’s frustrating.

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So true and how we ended up with MA.

Why any real Longhorn will figure that this is about as good as we can or should hope for. Why should little 'ol UH expect anything more?

If the implication is that CMA is deliberately doing a lousy job because he’s at UH and went to the school in Austin, then I am kind of speechless. Your take is certainly a “unique” one.

Who said deliberately? Maybe not no much speechless as brainless.

Expectations are relative.

It’s almost as if when we lose great [quote=“busseycoog, post:10, topic:10374, full:true”]
Who said deliberately? Maybe not no much speechless as brainless.

Expectations are relative.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the Applewhite conspiracy guy called me “brainless”,

Bless your little heart.

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I don’t think mediocrity is the new norm but I do think there is a new norm based on our semi recent past.

It starts with hiring a good young upwardly mobile coach that is well thought of. That coach has massive success and moves on after a few years. Everyone gets their feelings hurt and we look for someone who seems loyal, although a little light on head coaching qualifications ( we hope to make up for that by hiring from within to continue running the program the same way while also hiring a guy that has all of these traits-good recruiter, nice guy, high school coaches and current players like him). This guy will be over his head and get fired in three years at which point we’ll go back to hotshot/no loyalty coach who will win big and leave after a few years. The cycle goes on and on (sumlin->Levine->Herman->applewhite->?).

Welcome to the new norm!

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Realistically, mediocrity has been the norm. We’re averaging about one conference title per decade since we left the SWC. We’ve had 4+ losses in 8 of the last 10 years. I don’t know why this board stays consistently surprised when we have seasons like this.


We seem capable of having a great team every 3 to 4 years. In between is last year and this year. In 2018 we have lots of returning talent.

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I waited a couple of days to calm down and try to reflect on the bottom line.

I cannot help but come back to the same conclusion over and over again.

The cupboard was not that bare, nor the schedule that brutal, for a 7-5 season.

That is simply unacceptable for Cougar football in this day and age.

We have come too far for this to be tolerated without a serious delineation of goals (privately if need be) that must be met by next year.


Reading comprehension skills are required for entrance to most colleges.

And the 2015 Championship required some rabbits to be pulled out of hats in the 4th quarter of at least three games to win that one. I think the three years of this offense is starting to take its toll on the fans that got used to Briles, Dana and Kliff putting of video game like stats on the offensive side of the ball for so long with Kolb and Keenum. At the end of the day, the results probably are not too different except the schedule strength differs a little so the W-L might be a little misleading.

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Until we are in a P5, we are in a position to be able to attract “the next best” P5 Coordinator and help him gain a position with a P5 school. While that “next best” coach is here, he should be able to win 8,9,10+ game per season in what is one of the weakest divisions in college football. We play four small private schools and Memphis. The benchmarks are established with Briles/Sumlin/Tom H.

Personally, am DONE with continuity hires!!

The primary issue is that until we are in a P5 conference our best coaches will continually get raided leaving us with mediocrity and / or endless searches.

Hard to be consistently good when you have no consistently good coaching staffs.

Sumlin came in after Briles and was good. What is so hard?

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