Well it finally happened

We are visiting the grandchildren and a friend of my daughter’s was tested positive with covid. It is the first people we know that have the virus. I guess we are really blessed.


I pray that she is healed of that disease. We know a few that caught Covid, but I wish that on no one. I have been trying to keep myself and my household safe.

I hope you guys are safe and may those who are sick recover.

Sadly, I know 18 who have had it and recovered. I also know 6 who have died.

I saw my mom this past weekend for the first time in 7 months and the safety hoops I jumped through were significant.


Yeah, I’ve had 5 family members die from it. 4 of which died in a span on 2 weeks (not joking) 1 just died last week. I know of 2 more not related to me that died from it. So i hope everyone stays safe out there even if you go out. Just take your precautions.


Sorry to hear that @CMCoog17 and @CgrBkr. I hope no more tragedy will be added to your lives.


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