Went to practice yesterday

Very neat to see the new guys we should be very very good


No spy videos to share? :upside_down_face:

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Lol no but what I can tell you is Cam Tyson!!!


He surprised me and so did J’wan battling in the paint with Semi Ojeleye Jr Aka Reggie Chaney


Is he as good as advertised (solid sharp shooter)?

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Yes very good shooter actually lights out but the only thing holding him back from being a star would be his athleticism, Grimes looks like he could play his way into going in the first round that guy got good!!!


I know this is all biased but that’s great to hear

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How did Tramon look?

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I seriously can’t wait for basketball to start. Only 13 more days!


Man how I would love to be able to see this basketball team practice.

I sided to walk down during Penders’ practices and sit on them any time. Those days are gone but I do miss them.

I know this a reach by I am hoping we can find minutes for 6 guards each game in the rotation.

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Not every player hads to0 be super athletic. Shooting is a skill, and one we lacked last season. Tyson was like 87% from the FT line as a frosh as well. Just having someone on the wing that a team is afraid to leave open opens lanes for other players. That is why we really missed a Brooks last season…


with that many players, I ezxpect us to pick up the tempo a lot and really push the ball much more than we ever have

Tyson is super intriguing to me. He’s one of the best shooters on the team, but we’re also so deep at guard. I can’t see him playing in front of Jarreau, Grimes, Mark, Mills, or Sasser. I’m predicting his minutes will be sporadic and game-dependent. This is also an area where playing more 4-guard lineups will help allow Tyson to see the floor more.

Very interested to see what Sampson does.

Like Wes Van Beck?

I think that is right.
And it will not surprise me to see all 7 play as Shead gets forgotten. Only forgotten because we have Jarreau and Sasser in his spot. He has skills.

How did you get to go to practice?

I think we’re definitely going to see a fair bit of 4 guard lineups.

I agree it will be interesting to see how the rotation works. It’s hard to see Tyson getting in front of any of those guys, but given the lack of shooting we had last year it’s not crazy to think he could make more sense in some lineups than someone like Mark does, for example.

It’s also hard to see where any regular minutes for Shead will come even though the staff seems to be very high on him, unless due to injuries or he’s just able to displace someone ahead of him. I’m sure the staff is probably somewhat relieved that they don’t need to worry about a redshirt decision with him since everyone gets a free year.

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Definitely see 4 guard lineups but how much will depend on the trade off. Can we defend and rebound playing small vs how limited offensively are we playing a bigger 4.

Not having to use a RS is huge for Shead and program. Most programs RS kids because they are not quite ready, but that is not the case with our team. He could help us if we were not so deep. So now he will get some valuable minutes and be ready next season when Jarreau and possibly Grimes leave the program.

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