We're Going to Get Crushed Tomorrow

(Lance) #1

If Postma starts, go ahead and take that to the bank. We need Allen to get comfortable.

(itcoog) #2

Lol thanks for the input. Troll alert.


I don’t know about getting crushed, but I for one don’t have a good feeling about tomorrow.

(Jerrycoog) #4

We need this game to stay in the 20’s if the score gets past 30 we are in deep trouble.

(Monte P Gilliam) #5

WE?? doubt it!!! LLama some aggie wasting our time because he doesnt want to think about that 59-0 beating Bama is going to give his school…get lost, troll…

(Jimmy Morris) #6

By take it to the bank, you mean it’s a guarantee? If so, then you have no problem saying if Postma starts and the Coogs win, you won’t post again for the rest of the season? What’s a guarantee if you don’t back it up?

(G.W.) #7

Mrs. Allen, please stay off the message boards.


Whose this Liama person anyways. Shut the front door. Companies COOGS win tomorrow. (I hope).

(Jimmy Morris) #9

I think he is Pearland’s half brother.


I hope not, but getting crushed is possible. SMU beat us good last year.

This season our offense is pedestrian; our defense without Ed Oliver is good, but not great.

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(Paul Marlow) #14

Your fear boner is strong!

(Trent) #15

How does this fit with being scroomed?

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(PortlandCoog) #20

oh poor troll… wonder if his mom’s basement leaks?