What a season this was


I dont know what else to say

(Randy ) #2

Really weird season.


I thought going into the season we’d be about 7-5, but the way this season has unfolded has been absolutely baffling. I wonder how much different the consensus about Major is if we beat UTSA.

(Charles) #4

This team has been pretty much a half-a-game team all year. Fortunately we looked very good the second half of today’s game providing a little positive for the bowl and next year. A “little” I said, not a lot.

(jb) #5

It’s definitely been a rollercoaster of sorts. I’m relieved the Coogs got the win today, but it just doesn’t feel like enough. This team should be ranked with a record of 8-3, 9-2 or better. The talent is there for that and we should be in the mix for the conference every year. We all need to circle Tulsa, Tulane and especially Memphis next year.

(James Duncan) #6

All four losses should’ve been wins:

Tech - were in it for whole game even with Allen being totally ineffective. Postma almost saved the game.

Tulsa - because they’re Tulsa

Memphis - had the lead at late stage. Barely lost.

Tulane - because they’re Tulane

(jimmyschofield) #7

First year coaching errors with Applewhite. Herman’s first year as a HC was the outlier. I think the future is bright. Applewhite can recruit. He’s just got to learn who he can trust as assistants.


There are no excuses to lose to Tulsa and Tulane. Both were below average programs.

TTU and Memphis? TTU played well against UH and deserved to win. If King had been the QB, then the outcome might have been different. Memphis has become a good program and probably deserved to win the game.

FWIW, I believe we should have finished 10-2, if the UTSA game was played or replayed.

But, we’re 7-4 and can only hope for the best against a lower level bowl game.

Regardless of who we play…MWC, MAC, Sunbelt…I hope we’re ready to play and win.

(Larry) #9

Jimmy, IMO, CTH success was due to an incredible group of players and a group of highly successful and experienced coaches who were brought together. Herman realized as a young coach he needed a group of successful coaches to support him. Contrary to this year’s level of coaches.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #10

7-5 is where I thought this team would end up. Defense and offense will benefit from the extra practices this winter and I’m looking forward to an even larger more comprehensive playbook for King next season.

Some of the successful AAC programs will be losing their coaches, so changes around the conference should allow UH to rise up based on experience on the field and on the sidelines.

Next year will be CMA’s big year, make or break (IMHO). Recruits look good, young players with battle zone experience and CMA having his first year of full time head
coaching all point to the positive.

Go Coogs!

(CoogDentist) #11

We need a change at OC. Whether he gets demoted or picks up a co-oc who will call the plays and he can watch. I really do not care.

(David) #12

The struggles on offense early in the season and UTSA seemed to have a decent start make me wonder if that was an upset in the making that first weekend. If you added UTSA to the Tulane and Tulsa losses, I am not sure I would be on the football board until the Spring. I would be more confident if UH were to play UTSA next week with King at the controls but that first weekend seems like a toss up.

And for a basketball plug: Sampson has a lot of new faces (again) but I hope more people can take in the game tomorrow night with their ticket from the football game today. Ride the TDECU shuttle and you get free admission and free parking. Coogs like free stuff…