What a terrible game!

(Ron) #1

Defense- where was it? Fire everybody?


Really? The offense was missing through 3 quarters.


I think the reality is we have very little talent and the coaching is even worse. No evident leadership anywhere.


I think we have decent talent but yes we could use more but the coaching is not helping at all. I would have went all out blitz when Tulane was 3rd and long.


3rd down play calling on offense and defense was horrendous. That said our OL, LBs, and secondary are major weaknesses


The biggest glare for me is the linebackers we have younger linebackers who are playing better than the seniors.

(James Duncan) #7

How do you win at South Florida and then lose at Tulane.

Win at Arizona and then lose at Tulsa.

Season makes no sense


Not ready to play


This is just a very inconsistent squad and a reflection of its coaching…or lack thereof. They finally take the lead in the 4th quarter and then give it up in TWO plays. Then, they follow it up with a penalty on special teams that backs them up to the 10 yard line. Horrendous!


This team lacks discipline, leadership, and toughness. Yes, the talent level isn’t what it was, but when you consistently play to the level of your competition it’s a poor reflection on your entire coaching staff and possibly your team captains. I’d like to see somebody get mad and kick some butt in the locker room or on the sideline. Something has got to change because the status quo isn’t acceptable.


Keep in mind that one of the two TDs was thanks to the defense giving them the ball on Tulane’s 23

(Craig C.) #12

That leads me to believe it’s coaching, extremely inconsistent play

(Drew) #13

Everyone was shouting to the rooftop that we need to throw more deep balls. Great. Does it make sense to go deep with over 5 minutes to go, down by 3 with a nice drive going on 2nd & 3? Absolutely ridiculous! How about running the ball straight into the defensive line in a hurry up at the 5 yard line?

It’s nice to hit the deep ball now and again but the offense has sputtered. It seems like we need the QB to bail the offense out, or a WR to make a miraculous catch to keep the offense alive. This game was no different than USF. We were a always playing catch up and needing big miraculous plays to sta I the game. Hell, Dunbar, had to make a great catch to keep the drives alive. Why not throw the slant to get the 5 yards? Had it not been for a miraculous catch by Dunbar then the offense doesn’t even have a shot at scoring. So with the ball near the 50 yard line, once again we go deep on 2 & 3? Stupid! Yes, beautiful catch but it’s a low percentage play.

On top of that, how many times this season have we heard the announcers say something to the effect of “if I can see the play coming then you know the defense (insert opponent) can predict it.

The truth is, our offense lacks creativity. It’s predictable. Everyone can see it, except for our head coach.


Not addressing the rest of the post but, I mean…yes? Obviously? Is this a trick question? That’s, like, exactly the textbook example of when you should go deep.


Well, now we know how the team handles a bye week. Not the buzz saw I was expecting.


Better coaching, that’s how. I would argue that the Tulane coaches are shaking their heads at our play calling on both sides of the ball. Thanks you cards are in the mail. Tulane has a better staff, period.

(G.W.) #17

Absolutely out coached.
We have play makers that make plays.
3rd and 1 on the last drive. They are spying King and have everyone and the cheerleaders crowding the LOS. What de we call? A QB draw for a loss of two.

Bummer that the 4th down pass was batted down.


Not sure about “batted down.” The ball should’ve been pick sixed. King hit him between the numbers because the backer knew it was coming. Very little creativity with this offense.

(Drew) #19

It’s textbook when you’re leading the game in the second or third quarter, the offense is in a groove, and you want to catch the defense offguard. It’s not smart when there’s only five minutes to go in the game and all you need is to sustain a drive for a winning touchdown. All we needed was 3 yards to keep the drive alive. We didn’t need a quick score. We needed to put together a long drive and chew the clock up to avoid giving the ball back to Tulane. We needed short, intermediate, high percentage passes, not a difficult 25-30 yard throw down the sideline.

We played right into their hands. They played the percentages and dared us to go deep while stuffing the line to stop the run. It worked.