What are Houston's top five bowl games?

(Eric Prado) #1



I’ll play.
All three cotton bowls
Peach bowl
Fort Worth military

I realize one of those choses was a loss.

For what it’s worth (nothing). I had the same picks,but in no order.


Make that four Cotton Bowls with two wins.


I made that one as well against Boston college and Doug. Unfortunately the coogs were out coached. Let two running backs go for over 150 yrs each, too focused on doug.

(Monte P Gilliam) #5

completely agree with first 4…My number 5 would the 69 team’s 36-7 demolition of a great Auburn team in the Bluebonnet bowl…a much better victory than the armed Forces, miracle rally notwithstanding…I also like the 73 team’s 47-7 win over a powerful 9-2 Tulane who had not only shut out LSU 14-0 in their last game, but never even let them cross midfield.

(Patrick) #6

Give me the '77 Cotton Bowl, '80 Cotton Bowl, '15 Peach Bowl, '12 Ticket City Bowl, and '15 Armed Forces Bowl

(Gary Taylor) #7

If I remember right Auburn was the favorite to win. Great game for the Cougars.

(gpropes) #8

I had the same five as JD. Sixth for me was Case’s farewell in the Ticket City Bowl.

(Butch) #9

All the Cotton Bowls and the Peach Bowl…not far behind would be the 1969 Bluebonnet Bowl when we squashed a top 10 ranked Auburn team led by Heisman winner Sullivan…it was our first bowl since coming off probation and boy were we ready to play…


The Aloha Bowl with the massive fight at the end against Hawaii is one my wife and I still talk about.


I agree with Pray10’s list with the '77 and '80 Cotton Bowls in a tie for first. 1980 was huge because it helped to get over the previous year’s debacle, and it was against a perennial top notch program. The Peach Bowl was great because it was us against a P5 power. Ticket City was up there because we had a great game plan with the best ever college QB and a new coach. Armed Forces Bowl was a miracle comeback win in the lousiest of conditions. All of them, to me, are unforgettable.


1969 Bluebonnet Bowl beating the Heisman winner 36-7. First Cotton Bowl in 1976 and the second win against Nebraska. Case’s last game against Penn State and the Peach Bowl win.

(Al) #13

Was fortunate to attend 3 of top 5 bowls mentioned, but have to say the wins against OU and UL were as gratifying as nearly any others I have seen. Stayed in a Houston hotel populated by many OU fans and they were really gracious after the loss. Said outright: you just whipped us! Invited close friends (UL alumni) to that game and that was almost embarrassing! But so terrific against a Heisman shu-in candidate.

I thought those games (plus FSU win) would result in Herman finding a home. That’s what I get for thinking.