What are you streaming?

Finished Season 3 of “Documentary Now” on Netflix. No Bill Hader (off doing HBO’s Barry) this season, but still good quality. The Cate Blanchett episode was fantastic.

If you love documentaries and don’t mind watching them get spoofed, this is a great show.

New season of Black Mirror is out today too so that’ll be next up for me.

I’m waiting for the next season of “Lost in Space”. But I’ll check out “Documentary Now”. Thanks for the tip.

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Barry has been very good so far.

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Just watched Hotzone miniseries on Nat Geo. It was good. So is Chernobyl.


Chernobyl is the best show on HBO or television for that matter!


Got around to Black Mirror Season 5. 1st episode is classic Black Mirror with an interesting take on keeping in touch with a friend. 2nd episode was solid if sort of unmemorable. 3rd is kind of overshadowed by Miley Cyrus, who stars in it. Goes a bit off the rails at the end and could have almost been a Disney movie. Got a surprisingly decent Miley Cyrus cover of NIN’s “Head Like a Hole,” and I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan at all.

I’ll second that. Great show, very realistic with excellent acting.

I just resubscribed to HBO through Amazon Prime due to the recommendations for Barry and Chernobyl. Started on Barry last night and binged 5 episodes of Season 1 quickly. Love the show, love the dark humor, and this one is right up my alley.

If you need a show the wife will get into HBOs Big Little Lies.

Also HBO, season 1 West World
. The second season lost its footing. I hope season 3 gets backon track.

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Got them on the list now. Now that it’s summer and UH athletics aren’t going on, I have a bit more time to play catch up.

If you like homage nostalgia and are a fan of D&D and Spielberg like movies it’s a good time to catch up on Stranger Things season 1 and 2. Season 3 comes out on July 4th.

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I quit watching Westworld about half way into season 2. That’s the second HBO show (also True Detective) that went downhill in the second season.

Chernobyl was great though!

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I really like Stranger Things and looking forward to season 3.

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Loved Stranger Things.

Another on Amazon…Jack Ryan…I am a huge Clancy fan so it irritated me a bit they retconed his origin story but once you get into the story it’s a fun Clancy like ride.

Similar but it’s on Showtime …Homeland. You get a lot of ugly crying from Claire Danes. The first 2 seasons were good. The most recent two were great. You can skip the middle seasons and just read a recap to catch up for the last 2.

Another HBO show…Veep. It just wrapped up the series. It is funny clever political satire. Wife thought the language was just too salty for her taste. Jonah and Richard are scene stealers in the series.

Another one you might want to watch with the wife…Marvelous Mrs Maisel. By the writer of Gilmore Girls…fast zingy writing. It’s funny.

If you need a football fix…All or Nothing a season with the Rams. It’s like watching Hard Knocks once the season begins. It is the season with Case and you see the moment when the GM and coach gave up on Case.

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True detective season 2 was awful. I loved season 1 but it felt like it just kinda misfired a bit at the end. But great acting.

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Huge fan of Homeland. Scripts are amazingly good. Also get a kick out of VEEP.

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Just finished the 2nd season of Barry…good lord. What a great show! Bill Hader should be the biggest star in Hollywood right now.

Doing Bosch again this time with the wife. We just finished Jack Ryan and I am looking forward to next season.

Shooter season 3 is out. Starting it tomorrow

Dark Season 2 is out on Netflix. A sci fi, time travel triller tv show. When I get some time I will definitely be watching that.