What Bothered me the most

our pass defense sucks…didnt think it was this bad but not much of surprise

what bothered me the most was the play calling on offense the last 3 drives on offense…

we have a offense capable of scoring in a min…but we ran the ball most of the plays in a slow pace, down 2 scores with 6mins to go…time was our enemy and we ran designed run plays over and over …we werent playing to win the last 6 mins. we killed more time off the clock the last few minutes that they did

this was the first time in a VERY LONG TIME i saw us in a winnable situation (even though it wasnt favorable) and just accept defeat …only throwing it on 4th down made no sense …

any of our last 5 head coaches would have had king with 4 wide. passing it every play, telling king to run if he saw nothing


Can’t disagree.

I agree. I was wondering why we were running run plays and not throwing?

Attempt to imitate Sumlin and make the loss closer instead of trying to win?


Serious question. Whose our rush linebacker? The Buck position. I haven’t seen much pass rush from that position in 3 games. Man I missed Bowser.


He isn’t being used the same way that Bowser was and he’s nowhere near as skillful.

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Scored 49 and lost. Wtf. The d sucked. Looks like our recruits don’t know how to tackle. Just spearing.


Agree…and I think kb is a brilliant oc but not sure what he was thinking there and the formation in the second quarter when we were up a by TD and it was a third and short play.

You mean you didn’t like the trick plays that got sniffed out before we snapped the ball? It seemed like we got super conservative after we scored 21 points.


Sorry to disagree with you, but there are many examples where 3 of the last 5 were doing what they could to get out.

where the game was winnnable but they just gave up?? please actually point them out

herma lost 4 games total as the head coach of houston, EVERY SINGLE ONE he fought to the end…he went for it on 4th and 14 vs smu, in our own 14yd line down 3 scores and only 5 minutes to go…we were desperate to win even though common sense said to punt and not make the score look bad…
for herman your statemnt is just wrong…please name actual games for the other 3, and ill look it up (i watched every game for all of them), and dont remember ever giving up like today

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Uh…back on point…DORITO

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What bothers me the most is that Sumlin’s ineptitude had me thinking the secondary issues were fixed. Back to the drawing board…

It think the run plays were a product of the defense being gassed and an attempt to give them more time off the field. That’s hard to do when you run a high tempo offense.

Baylor figured it out. I now think we are a year (and DC) away from figuring out the defense. If by chance Briles doesn’t get plucked, we may be able to put it all together for next year.


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