What do we root for?


Wichita just beat cincy meaning the 1 seed is up for grabs in the conference tourney

i was rooting for that at first but after thinking about it, the 1 seed means we can only play cincy or wichita once, only 1 resume builder (tulsa likely to finish 4th)

our bid to the tourney is basically secure… (GO COOGS!! crazy to say that)

so whats ore important?

  • a higher aac seed for a higher chance to win the conference tourney to claim the conference tourney championship
  • take a 2/3 seed for a better resume boost to get a better seed in the ncaa tournament and a better chance to advance

note: we can still win the regular season title on a 2 or 3 seed

(Jimmy Morris) #2

If we win out and Cincy beats Wichita State, we get a 2 seed. About the only difference between a 2 seed and a 3 seed is prestige. On the other hand, in my opinion there is a huge difference between a 8 seed and 7 seed in the big tourney. Us winning out and then making it to the semi-finals, should be able to score us a 7th seed or even a 6th.


Is this website not credible? It says a 4 or 5 is most likely, and almost no chance of a 7 or 8.


Wichita barely beat temple, barely beat tulsa.lost to temple…they still have @ucf and @smu… if wichita loses 1 and beats cincy we get the 1 seed


that site isnt credible …itt had us at a 6 seed before beating cincy when almost everyone had us at best a 10 seed

if you are looking for a realistic projection of seeding use bracket matrix (a super composite of dozens of bracketology)

(Jimmy Morris) #6

The flaw in that logic is that you see Wichita State as a good enough team to be Cincy twice but still struggling enough to lose @UCF or @SMU. It can happen but I’m sure our team is more focused on our performance and not Wichita’s.


wichita is a 3 point shooting team…hot and cold is their specialty
they needed a 16pt comback to barely beat temple 3 days ago…the temple we just demolished…

smu already beat them @wsu


What do we root for?

to win the rest of our games. We’re becoming the team to beat in the AAC.

(Nick K) #9

it would help to know how the seeding would work if we all tie for first.


record vs tying teams

record vs next place team

a 3 way tie, wsu gets 1 seed…
a 2 way tie between us and cincy, with cincys 3rd loss to WSU… we get the 1st seed