What gets a member banned/suspended

(Cristian) #21

I like this place lol bunch of coog savages :joy:

(Eric Prado) #22

Thanks for responding so quickly. But not fast enough to get him to admit he was wrong about Saturday :grin:

(Jimmy Morris) #23

I watch gamer streams and people actually go through the trouble to join the same games so they can “stream snipe” the player. They take trolling to a whole new level.


What’s stream sniping?

(Eric Prado) #25

It’s related to video game streamers on Twitch or Youtube. Its when the streamer is playing a game live and people who watch have two monitors, one to watch the live stream and the other to play the same video game, which allows them to attack the streamer. Its an unfair advantage commonly used in first person shooters (FPS) because their position is given but they do it to ruin the streamers content. Usually once the sniper succeeds they quit the game and wait for the streamer to load a new game, rinse and repeat. Its a form of trolling.

It can get very annoying when multiple stream snipers are trolling the streamer you’re watching.


Wow, people are so smart, but so dumb at the same time. What waste of brain power…lol

(Jimmy Morris) #27

Yep. Even sadder is when the stream sniper uses cheats. These trolls will actually buy game cheats from hackers just to stream snipe on a game that is free to play. They should get free MRIs to look for brain trauma.

(vanna) #28

I am newbie here, and hopefully I wont get banned. I enjoy reading threads and replies from fans.