What Happened to This Dana Offense?

Different philosophy? Tune not good enough for air raid? I know everyone will say it’s because of the o line but let’s be honest here, even when Tune has time he still throws it into double coverage a lot, turns the ball over, and missed a lot of open WRs. We like to believe that a good o line will solve all our problems offensively but in reality we have never had a good o line. Not in a long time. I blame Tune and predictable/weak play calling.


Did we really need another Tune call-out thread?

Can we just get one pinned and keep it all in one spot?


They have to keep the correct ratio to all the Herman/UT threads.



It’s because of the O Line.

I say that about nearly every football team.


The University has a significant investment in Mr. Holgerson and his staff. Comments about the alleged lack of offensive production may frowned upon.


UH supposedly had an efficient QB but that guy may have transferred to the east coast or something like that?

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Matt Schaub went to a pro bowl with the right offensive line for the Texans. Enough said.


This is about Dana offense, or lack there of also haha

Our 2011 game with SMU can be seen on YouTube.

The answer to what happened to the Dana offense can be seen on the field.

We are now weaker not just at QB but also at the WR positions.

As so many have observed we have recruiting issues for many years.

If Tune is not sufficient then where are the QB’s signed by Applewhite to replace him? All who are on the team now and next Fall are Dana recruits.

We had 4 years of Herman/Apple recruiting and have Tune.

When Yeoman left Jack Pardee found Andre Ware already on our roster. When Herman arrived he found Ward. Jenkins found Klingler . Etc.

Our problems lie at the feet of The UH Admin. They hired Apple.


I think the bigger question here is what happened to memory retention?

and what happened to not beating a horse that has not only been beaten once it died but continued to be beat upon once it has been buried and decomposed?


marquez is probably the best WR we’ve had since jason phillips…
i love patrick edwards but stevenson is better…i cant imagine what stevensons number would have looked like in a keenum offense…they would have been absurd

dell, trahan and corbin are probably also better than Justin johnson, ej smith and ronnie williams as well… i dont know how you can blame the WR when this EXACT same WR CORE, led houston to a top 5 national offense, as underclassman in 2018 (under king/briles)

i dont get your applewhite qb point-- tune was recruited by applewhite… he also recruited bryson smith, who dana wont even put in the qb room …dana also said he didnt want levi…also dana has been here 3 offseasons he’s had enough time to bring in his qb…

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