What happens

The staff wants complete buy in, this has been explained about players who posters think should be higher up the depth chart. I wouldn’t make it, i always played a lot better than i practiced.

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As HCNY posted: “A win is a win loss is a loss”. UH needs to beat Baylor to have good start to the season. But more importantly, to show they are competitive with the big name conferences (even if it is just Baylor, and not OU) on a regular basis.

As far as it being the first game, and with this particular offseason, absolutely anything can happen and it does not reflect much on the rest of the season.

BU will have depth, but I know nothing about how much their coach is changing schemes vs working with what is available and planning around the players. This should give CDH an advantage with one year under the belt at UH., IMO.

BU should have a good D with Aranda, but I do not know who he brought on for OC.

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