What I'd Like to improve in the Offseason


What i want our player to improve on

Galen- the obvious, improve his shooting… LSU and few teams flat out disrespected him and didn’t even bother guarding him. and its not simply about making it when open, but not hesitating when he is about to shoot, you can tell 3 miles away when he is thinking about shooting, gain confidence in his shot

Corey- finishing around the rim. learning to use his body to protect the ball when he goes up. also he flat out missed some tear drops. his presence around the rim has to improve

Armoni - he isnt going to become an elite handler by next year. but he needs to add some moves to his collection…something i noticed is that he disappears when there is better defense/defenders on him… he has to add some moves to get space on tight D (the step back, a basic crossover etc) things to get a little room to shoot… armoni also has the arms length of someone 6’7/6’8 his defensive presence could be drastically improved

Breon- his foul numbers are historically bad. he only averaged 12 mins a game and that was exclusively on fouls.that has to change. he needs to remove the chicken wing spin from his collection of post moves…he does it a lot, gets called a lot on it too…

Fabian- his confidence and his mid range…if he can really master that mid-range his game could explode…his handles need to improve if he is going to be a stretch 4. he also had way to many traveling calls. his fouling numbers were almost as bad as breons

Chris Harris- become viable for 15min a game…basic improved hand eye coordination, basic handles (dribble back a small big on a post up, 2/3 dribbles on a fast brake/pick and roll situation)…add 2 or 3 basic post moves… adding another 10lbs wouldn’t hurt

New players:

Cedric alley- it looks like he has fully transitioned to the 3 and no longer a stretch 4 (he practiced with the guards not the bigs)…not sure what he has been doing for the last year but his handles were definitely not good enough for a 3 in the last game film of him. if he hasn’t improved it already it definitely needs to be

Dejon- his 3pt% at umass was horrible (24%)… he was actually a good 3 point shooter in HS (in the 40s)…we are going to need him to atleast be 33% . i dont think he starts if that doesn’t improve, we arent going to put 2 bad shooters on the court at the same time. his shot HAS to improve…similar to armoni he has to improve his defensive intensity

Nate- adjust to the college speed- honestly fine as is, i doubt we put a lot on a freshman’s plate, and he is likely already good enough for what we’ll ask of him

Brison- to add some offensive versatility to his game, as is he is all defense and rebounds…all his points are lobs or put back dunks. his free throw percentage at umass was 27%., that needs vast improvement

(Im curious what the umass guys were doing to improve in the off-season)

Antoine- he needs to find a way to add 15lbs before the season he if want any kind of minutes…at his current weight/height he is a defensive liability


What I’d like to improve in the offseason:

  1. Do a flight of stairs without losing my breath.

  2. My putting game.

  3. Stock up the freezer with some catfish faster than I did last summer.

(PMM) #3

Some of Breon’s limited time was due to his being out o shape. He would start laboring a few minutes into the game. Slowness might have hurt some of his reaching fouls.

(Patrick) #4

Breaon and CKS mentioned during the season that Brady wasn’t ready for D1 basketball from a conditioning standpoint. Basically spent all the time from the moment he arrived trying to get him in shape. Seemed to be rounding into shape by the Temple game…and then got hurt.

Felt Brady was also hurt a lot by the new offensive foul rules in the post. He’s a guy that depends on that physicality and then the NCAA changed the rules. Coaches now know what will be called and will hopefully work with him on it.

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(Tom) #7

With Rob graduating, does Houston have a real shot at getting back to the tourney. What are our chances really if you compare this year’s roster to last year’s . Who is going to make up for Rob’s scoring leadership and grit.


my opinion, so take it as you may
but next years team should be drastically better than last year…if we can get a decent schedule (still up in the air) its not about if we can make the tourney but how high of a seed can we get

who is going replace rob? no one, same answer i gave when we lost dotson…when we lost dotson i knew not one single player was going to put out dotson numbers, but i knew by committee of numerous shooters we could actually surpass his numbers…and they did…i expect similar for rob,

there will not a be a player on our roster next year as good a driver and shooter as rob, but we dont need them to be…the leading scorer in the aac wont come from houston but we will still win more games…

  1. we won games on defense last year, and it should be drastically better this year, guards scored on us last year by running picks on galen to get them on rob or vanbeck… next year every single guard but antoine davis should be a nightmare on defense. galen and corey are already proven elite defenders, and dejon, armoni, hinton and alley are all super tall with freakishly long arms…

  2. the top 2 returning 3point shooters in the aac in both attempts and percentage are both in houston (davis and armoni ) and sampson says neither will even be our best shooter (thinks antoine is the best shooter on the team)…alley is also a great shooter

  3. dejon and hinton are top level passers …dejon will be the x factor, if he can improve his 3pt % to atleast respectable we could be scary…him and the bigs are the difference between a good season and a top 10 team

my biggest worry for next year is the schedule… if we can put a good enough schedule together next year could be very special

(Patrick) #9

I think we have a great shot of getting back. Overall talent will be better and guys like Davis, Brooks, and White will have another year under their belt.

Schedule, as @pesik said, will be key as well as the possibility that the conference won’t be as good next year. Wichita State lost a ton and may not be in the tourney mix and Cincy lost some of their top players and will have to replace their offensive production, Can UCF stay healthy and step up since many of the pundits believe them to be the conference favorite? Can Penny lift Memphis next year? UCONN has talent, can Hurley get them playing up to it?

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