What is our true ranking

Our true ranking
  • 1-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-25
  • Not top 25

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The voters will probably drop us into the teens this time losing against an unranked team. Good news is the witchita state will be close to the top 25 so this will be a ‘good’ loss.

I want to see where people think we should be ranked.

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16-20 but i think not playing the #1 when you had the chance severely deflated this team bad.

Truthfully, I think we have been overrated for most of the season. Goodbye # 2 seed.


One good thing now is that we should get a payback call in the AAC tourney. At one point I didn’t think we should even have a conference tourney, but now I am ticked off enough to say bring it on…but otherwise congrats to the Shockers on a big win.
We have now come down to earth but I still think this team can make waves in the tourney. Like someone else said we are probably one good shooter away from being scary good.
Hoping Sasser gets back in to shooting form. He is attacking the basket good but his deep shots just aren’t falling.
The only cure for that is to encourage him to keep on shooting.
Grimes hit a big shot at the end but I just get the feeling he drops out of sight too much of the time. But fairness I thought while his ball handling skills need improvement…his interior passing was excellent.
Jarreau messed up at the end, but without him tonight we get blown out.
WSU just destroyed us by attacking our interior defense and simply got the loose balls.
We played hard but obviously made too many mistakes to win against a good team.
Let’s hope we can win out now and WSU loses a game or two…not probable, but possible.
Not sure this was a good game for White to return with the play so physical, but might as well get him back in the groove because he could be a major factor on down the road.
Young Mark played well but once again his shots seemed to rim out…coach will keep playing him because he is a key player off the bench.
No doubt I am upset tonight and still very concerned about the way we have played in close games on the road.
But somehow I think we bounce back and get better from this loss…


I think we haven’t been challenged enough this year. CKS has been pretty consistent on saying this is a good but not great team.

Only 2 great teams in college basketball

Not a top ten team. I’ve been saying this all year. They’re good but they are flawed. I think they can make it to the sweet 16 and that’s ok with me.


I still have Coogs in the #1 slot.


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This was a Quad 1 road loss, which does not penalize you as much.

We’re 8th in 2 of the most important metrics, NET and KenPom. As to how we’ll be ranked in the much less meaningful polls will be determine on how the weekend plays out

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It wasn’t that long ago that we knew we would not go dancing, now people complain about …


Probably in the teens.

I’m with you half way.

I do think we are a top ten team.

But I’ve never bought into the final four or natty hype.

Winning a sweet sixteen and getting elite 8 game would be a major accomplishment. IMO.


seems like every time we start to build something we have to take 2-3 games off and we start over again.

we’ve got talent but its been a very challenging year. we’re also just not that great of a scoring team, way to inconsistent.

I’d say out of the top 10 but higher than 20 so, in the teens.

I think we are really going to miss Mills. I know he technically didn’t fit in with the personality of the team ( grind it out defense + reboundung) but I think that’s exactly why he was out wild card in our back pocket.

He could come in a create offense which few in this squad can do. I know it didn’t work in the few games he played but with him, we are a top 5-10 team but he is gone so we move on with what we have…this team is in the 15 range.

If we don’t shoot better we aren’t getting out of the first weekend.


Really thinking you are under estimating Wichita State. They are a very decent team that was fighting for their post season life. If they make the tourney, they will be a handful.

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