What is the first football game you remember going to?

I was just thinking about the earliest memories I have had in my life. The oldest two were when I was 2 years old and I don’t remember which came first. One was when dad obliterated a chicken with a 12 gauge shotgun from about 10 feet to impress upon me to not touch his shotgun which he kept loaded in the corner of his bedroom. His point was made and I remember it vividly.

The other was when he took me to an LSU vs Texas A&M football game in 1949, three months before my 3rd birthday (I looked it up to verify). I thought we were playing the army since all the aggies were in ROTC uniforms. I didn’t know what colleges were then; but so soon after WWII, everyone knew about the army. I remember the crowd, the bands, Mike the Tiger, and – the game. I thought it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. Well, at that young age, I’m sure it was. I also thought all the guys were had big muscles because I didn’t realize they had shoulder pads. We had LSU stuff in our home and dad was always pumping LSU, so I was an LSU fan, and later student, from that day on – until 1976 when I enrolled at UH for night school. People ask how I could change allegiance and I just say the same way when I remarried.

It’s funny what a person remembers in life. My wife gets irritated at me because I can recount fairly accurately a football game that happened 30 or more years ago; but I can’t remember what she told me yesterday. Football has been a large part of my life, literally as far back as I can remember.

I am about to head over to TDECU in a couple of hours for the pre-season football kickoff event and I am really excited about the prospects for this season. Hopefully this will be our first undefeated season for both the regular and post seasons. I amm ready for for some more memories!


I remember going to a UH v A&M game in the dome with my dad. Must have been early 90’s because I was too young to see anything over all the Aggies standing up.

First college game, UH v. Northwestern State in 2009.

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Remember seeing the Bluebonnet Bowl with NC State as a child, saw all of the SWC games in person either at Rice or the Dome. One of the fondest memories, beating highly ranked Texas A$M at Rice… believe they had the big back Woodard… we stuffed him and the Aggies good… they left stunned, it was great!!!

As a child, listened to the famous Houston Michigan State game on the car radio while my mother was inside K Mart shopping!

My first game was an Oiler’s game in the Dome around '78. My family came in from Mexico and we took them. This was the height of Luv Ya Blue and everyone was partying their butts off. I was 8 or 9. I have a strong connection to those teams as Pastorini lived across the street from me and Robert Brazile was my cousin’s neighbors.
First game seeing the Coogs was '88 Run & Shoot days.
I’ve been a die-hard Houston sports fan all my life, growing up with the Astros, Rockets, Oilers and Coogs. I’m a Texans fan but I don’t have the same connection with them. Maybe we’ll have a Luv Ya Blue - type phase with them but it would be hard ever find guys like Bum, Earl or Dan…

My first college football game was UH-Colorado State in 2007. I was a junior in high school and played in the marching band, and my band was invited to perform with the Spirit of Houston at halftime. UH was losing big when we left in the 3rd quarter, found out later that they came back and won the game.

Remember my parents taking me to the Bluebonnet Bowl, UofH vs Colorado. They took me to more earlier than that but I don’t remember those games due to my age. The thing that caught my eye at age three was Ralph e the Buffalo running on the astro turf.

UH-Washington St. September of 1966. First game ever played on Astroturf.

Weslaco High vs. Donna High, can’t remember the date but somewhere about 1950. I sat on my dad’s shoulders since we were standing on the sideline.

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first college game ever i remembered going to was lsu vs ou in the sugar bowl national title game in 2004. i was in marching band in the 7th grade and performed the halftime show with several high schools. we were the only middle school band in America there.

first ever UH game i went to was the first game of the 09 season against northwestern st my freshman year.

First game I remember going to was when my parents dragged me to a UT game and I threw such a fuss my dad took me to the car and spanked me for being quiet. I was about 4 years old. I have hated UT ever since. The first full game I remember was UH vs Alabama at Rice Stadium back in the early 60’s.

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First Cougar game was the first football game played in the Astrodome. UH vs Tulsa in September 1965…my freshman year. Coogs lost 14-0 but having come from a small town I was amazed at the Astrodome. I’ve been hooked on the Coogs ever since.

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First college game was in '58 if I remember correctly, Michigan vs. Navy in the Big House. Needless to say, I was hooked at that point!

First Coog game was when I moved here in '65 and saw our opening game in the Dome against Tulsa. The event was memorable, the results were not. Tulsa shut us out 14-0 and McVea fumbled the opening kickoff.

Unfortunately, my Dad raised me as a Rice Owl fan so my first game was RICE vs. Kansas St… I remember my Dad pointing out how much bigger the Cats were than the Owls… Go Coogs, Ruck Fice!

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Rice vs LSU in mid 50’s. Sell out. Loud obnoxious LSU fan wearing a White Cowboy hat. How high and far the punts were. A real contrast to Katy Tiger stadium!

The football memories are fuzzy when it comes to the first football game. I lived in Gainesville, Texas and can remember seeing the Leopards play Sherman, Denison, Cleburne, Bonham, and McKinney in the late 1950s. But as to which one was first, I just am not sure.

The first Cougar game I attended was the infamous game against North Carolina State before 52,000+ in the Astrodome on my birthday in 1967. The Coogs were undefeated at 3-0, riding high and promptly laid an egg, losing 16-6. I had followed them earlier, but only on the radio or TV. We were more talented than NC State, but couldn’t get the offense moving that evening.

Astrodome 1990 David Klinger & Roman Anderson team.

The first football game I really remember was the 1963 UT - Arkansas game in Memorial Stadium. UT was losing late in the game and they started firing off Old Smokey after every first down. UT came back and won the game. That was the year UT won their first national championship.

1969 Bluebonnet Bowl against Auburn
Remember seeing the man who invented the endzone dance Elmo Wright do his dance
Others were Robert Newhouse, Riley Odoms, and Jim Strong who had a great game,

My first cougar game I attended was in 2003 when I was a freshman and it was against TCU. I remember it was a shootout and we lost 62-55. Kevin Kolb rushed for over 120 yards and threw for over 400. I knew watching him for the first time as a true freshman that he would end up being a special player!

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