What is the first football game you remember going to?

My first Houston football game was against Baylor in 1993 at the Astrodome. It was my first year of college and the Cougars’ only victory that season. Thanks Kim Helton :frowning:


Sept 1, 2001, a home game against Rice, a 21-14 loss. Ten days later, our world changed forever, and I decided to join the military when I finished my degree.

That season, I witnessed in-person the loss to Texas, aka “bleachergate,” the loss to TCU, Memphis, Cincy, and UAB.

All around a crap year, but I was hooked. Go Coogs!


Colorado at Missouri in 1986. I was in the 2nd grade. I remember it was cold and it was homecoming. The parade was awesome. Now my daughter is about to enroll at mizzou.

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I’m sorry but yall are old. LOL

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Thank you for your service!


Yep. That was my senior year. We went 0-11. That was the most miserable year I have ever experienced as a sports fan. Thank you so much, Dana Dimel.

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Worst team and less talented in UH football history.

I think my first game was to see atm playing someone (forget who - maybe SMU) in Collie Station. I was taken to see the game by my Mother’s oldest brother, who had gone to atm for just one year, but was a super-dedicated aggie. I think that was probably 1939, the year they won the National Championship.


I remember going to one with my dad when I was 4 or 5, so that was ‘84 or ‘85. He was an Aggie, so it had to be aTm, and we lived in Fort Worth, so it had to be at TCU. Based on that I think it must’ve been 11/23/1985.

The first college team I saw play was the UH Cougars Red and White game in McAllen, Texas. I was in high school. The year was in the mid 1960’s and Coach Bill Yeoman did not play #42, Warren McVea. At one of the UH recruiting events I asked CBY why he took the team to McAllen for the Red and White game. He said he had recruited several players from the Valley. Back then, I never though I would graduate from UH.

I had seen football on TV, but the first game I actually saw, I played in as a high school student. I attended Moulton my freshman year, but they did not have a football team. Moulton is basketball crazy. Anyway in 1966, our family moved to Gonzales and I tried out for the Apaches football team. I was assigned to the B team. I do not remember the concept of a Junior Varsity team. Our first game was in San Marcos on a Thursday night at the old college football field. San Marcos had a strong football program then. We lost that game, but I was hooked.

My mom took me to the 1962 University of Arkansas vs SMU game at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

My first coog game was in the dome against South Carolina in the 1975 season. I was 11 and knew absolutely nothing about football. My Dad took me and a friend and we kept getting run off by those mean guys in the red coats(not my dad, lol). I think we were hanging on the rail. I grew interested in football that year and learned watching the cowboys with Roger Staubach. The next year I was ready as we entered the SWC and traveled to all the away games.
I’m hoping and praying for a big year this year as I’m afraid this might be my Dad’s last season. Stop by and see us in the top of section 125.

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1960 Michigan State vs Michigan First UH game. 1967 Michigan State vs Houston. A HUGE victory for UH.

Other than the local high school, I remember going to the Dome to watch the Oilers vs Falcons [I think] back when Billie “White Shoes” Johnson was the returner for the Oilers.

I think my first college football game would have been the 1985 Bluebonnet Bowl at Rice, Air Force vs Texas. I wasn’t there to watch the game, it was some kind of volunteer event with the Boy Scouts.

My first Cougar game was Louisiana Tech 1991. Freshman year of college. We won 73-3. Klingler was on the cover of SI, looked like the start of a very good year. Turned out it was the best game the Coogs had in my five years of college. But here I am 27 (!) years later still coming out and screaming for my Coogs.

Colgate vs. Army. We tailgated near the Hudson and during the game it snowed…a lot. At least a foot, probably two. I was probably 4 or 5

A professor encouraged students in my class to go watch UH verses grambling in 06. Went to see the grambling band. Watched Kevin Kolb become the first 10000 yard passer in school history and “Quick six” run wild. Got hooked since then.

Mine will offend PC type people, but I will clean it up as much as I can…

I was in the Cub Scouts (10 or 11 years old) and our group went to Rice Stadium for an LSU game.

Of course, we didn’t know what was going on, but we were in the front row directly in front of the LSU cheerleaders.

They had one obnoxious yell that they damn near wore out during the game.

“What comes out of an “oriental persons” rear” ?..Rice, Rice, Rice !!!

What an introduction to football !!!

UH vs A&M when they were ranked almost #1 ( I think).in about 1959. I can’t remember, I was dropped off by my dad as he wanted to spend some time with a sweatheart. My brother and I watched it and I became a fan of UH because we tied them. I didn’t know who I was rooting for UH until I heard someone yelling that UH was scum or something like that as UH kept A&M from scoring. Also the heckling that UH was San Jacinto Community College Rejects. Form some reason, instead of going along with the haters, I went with UH. Bill Yeoman made me love the UH.

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