What moment did you go, "THAT'S OUR QUARTERBACK!"

We’ve had a lot of qb controversies over the years. What was the moment for yall when a particar guy did his thing and solidified the startlng job for the rest of his time at UH? Below are the ones for me.

Keenum (this was when I realized UH wasnt terrible at football anymore and started paying attention):




Keenum’s came a lot earlier than that. The other two are pretty close though.


That Memphis game cemented it for Ward…but that almost comeback against UCF where the ball was fumbled out the end zone was the game where I knew Ward was my QB.


The almost comeback at home vs Tulane as well…while he didn’t have a good over all game (like 4 picks I think)…he never, ever gave up and we had a chance to tie at the end.

Ward just had that “moving the chain” mindset and you add that to his running explosiveness and its a huge winning combo. Every play was a chance for him to score a TD with his feet or arm…and every first down meant more chances of course.


Keenum: First snap from scrimmage.

King: First throw in the OU game.

Greg Ward: I knew he was “Ice Water” in the Piit Game…


We have been so fortunate with the number of not just great QBs, but special QBs.


We really have…hows this for a 15 year run?

2018 - King - Great year*
2017 - Kyle/Postma/King - Avg/above avg
2016 - Ward - Great year*
2015 - Ward - Great year*
2014 - O’Korn-Ward - Subpar to Avg to Good
2013 - O’Korn - Good/Above avg especially for a Fr - Lots of promise
2012 - Piland-Jones - Avg…maybe lowest level in this era
2011 - Keenum - Great year*
2010 - Keenum-Piland(mostly) & Broadway- Above Avg…good for freshmen
2009 - Keenum - Great year*
2008 - Keenum - Great year*
2007 - Keenum/Joseph - Very good year
2006 - Kolb - Great year*
2005 - Kolb - Good year
2004 - Kolb - Avg year

*Many aspects these are program historical level greatness


Especially ones with last names that start with K or W.


Keenum - vs Alabama
Ward - vs Pitt
King - vs USF 2017, specifically the bomb to Lark that was INCOMPLETE. I never saw him in high school and when I saw that pass, I said to the Mrs, what a nice ball he throws. When he dropped the next one into Lark’s breadbasket, oh yeah, absolute certainty.


Keenum when I saw how he played against Oregon v how Joseph looked against them.


With Ward v JO’K, it was before either played . Film and hs stats indicated how special Ward would be. From day one I was telling anyone who would listen that were playing the wrong guy.

Gary “Moon” Mullins. The year was 1969 and the Cougars were selected by Playboy Magazine as the pre-season #1 team in the country. As a teenager, I can’t express how excited I was to see my team ranked so high to start a new football season.

Unfortunately, we lost Game 1 to Florida and Game 2 to Oklahoma State, so Yeoman made a QB change. Out went Ken Bailey, in came sophomore Gary “Moon” Mullins. From Game 3 through the rest of the season, UH not only won every game, but won them decisively, including a 36-7 bowl game victory over Auburn.

Clearly, Mullins was the QB that changed the season and became known to all Cougar fans after Game 3 as “That’s our Quarterback!”


I don’t know what happened to O’Korn between his freshman and soph years, but he sure went from a promising freshman to a dumpster fire.

When we played BYU in then Reliant stadium, freshman Ward came in and in a couple of plays put us in the end zone for about a 65-70 yard drive. I thought then that Ward may be something special. But I didn’t think he would get a chance because it looked like O’Korn was the annointed one.

I think success went to his head. Might have been negatively influenced by those around him. I base this partially on some comments he made about how success he would be at Michigan. The mental part of the game can make a good talent great and a great talent good.

Moon Mullins

I was there for the 69 Blue Bonnet bowl and saw him and Jim Strong
Jim Strong rushed for 184 yards on 32 carries.
and Elmo wright doing his end-zone dance blew my mind. I had never seen anything like that before now it is common

Those were the good old days
Can you believe 60 years ago
Time goes by so fast

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I have seen the premier for many great Cougar Quarterbacks. This is from an old man with a deteriorating memory:
Maybe someone can help me with the ones I can’t come up with. I know the list is longer but seems we always manage to come up with a great one.


Keenum, Ward, and King. Hope King has a heck of a year this year!!

King’s throw in OU game?

It was at this moment that I knew Keenum was our guy.


Look at the OU replay. He then a ball to Ward that missed…but you could see the arm strength. I knew we had Ward replacement. It was one play…but enough for me to see what he had.