What section for the friendlys attending Tulsa game?

Will be able to reroute vacation to attend. We would like to sit with our fans.


Maybe our ticket office would know?



See page 7.

Based on their normal attendance, you should be able to sit anywhere on the visitors’ side other than the student section.

I"ve been there for two games over the past few years. For the miracle field goal game our seats were opposite the press box in the last section next to their field house. Our game two years later we sat at the opposite end of the same stands. So who knows, though I think the end closed to the end zone seats is the visitor section.

My wife called our ticket office and was told they do not sell out of town tickets. Not sure she was talking to correct people. I went to my account and could not find an option for out of town tickets. We called Tulsa ticket office they did not know where the Houston block of ticket were so I think we ended up in section 106 visitor side. Thanks for replies hope to see many people there. This should be an important game.

I bought my tickets through UH ticket office when I reordered season tickets. I’m in Section 107 Row 28.

Any Coogs going be in section 103? My dad called the ticket office to renew season tickets earlier this year. He told them we like to purchase away game tickets. He purchased the Tulane game tickets but guy on phone so said the Tulsa game was on Thursday night so he passed. We had wanted to go to the Tulsa game but can not on Thursday but obviously now the game on Saturday and ticket office told him wrong. Dad called ticket office back and now they tell him have sold out allotment. So I went to StubHub and mistakenly purchase tickers In row 3 section 103. Forgot that they had switched the visitor side couple years ago from when we gone to Tulsa in past. I certainly hope some other Coogs sit in area because it next student section. Apparently there is a small section below the student section selling on stubhub.

Should say it be cool if a bunch of UH fans went and bought out that section below Tulsa students to screen them from our guys in field.

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