What the hell!

(Ron) #1

I’m sick - I need to stop watching and hoping. “ It certainly is tough to be a cougar”!!!

(Eric) #2

we just got boo’d off the field at half time.

what is going on with this team? the play calling is the worst I’ve ever seen and our defense… our defense…


We are setting them up for 4th qtr…will wait till we are down 35 and start throwing deep


SMU all over again. Freezing cold here and people are leaving in droves. Briles has been completely exposed


Blocked punt, QB fumble and fake punt are the differences in this game.

We need to create three turnovers in the second half and score on each one.

We’re down by 14. We’re not going to win this game by playing it safe.


I was hoping they would start trying onside kicks to try to keep the D off the field.


Briles offense score 49 points and we still lost no excuse for that. The blame is on Applewhite and Onofrio.

(Munzell Milluns) #8

Preach it, pearland! Preach it!


I was hoping. Offense isn’t the same. Up until Tulsa, big plays came naturally, it seemed. Now, it FEELS like we’re having to force it. Not sure if it’s the play calling or if the players have lost some confidence.


Bingo, yes I see what you see…