What to wear for SMU game

(Patrick) #1

Really wish we’d only do this if we were going to sell out.


Don’t worry, everyone’s just gonna wear red anyway. We don’t really have the kind of fan base that’s willing to pull off anything other than a single color-out.


I thought we were supposed to wear short sleeved polo shirts with the collar up?

(Cary) #4

(J V ) #5

Red on the south side.

White on the north.

10k dressed as empty seats, got it.


You have to pay the troll toll…

(Ben) #7

Difficult to get the word out to enough people to make it happen . . . . . .




So the side on the visitor sideline wears white? Wont SMU be wearing white?


Not really. They’ve had 2 months. Programs like Tennessee, Mizzou, and Texas Tech do this stuff all the time on much shorter notice.


Email from UH says wear red to ride light rail for free to the game.

(Patrick) #12

Sure does:

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Don’t you know, Coogs that sit in the visitor section are second class citizens. We are the ones that voted for the IPF just to block the view of downtown of those home side snobs. :stuck_out_tongue:

(J V ) #14

It was you Shaggy!,?!

(JohnnyCougar) #15

We’re not there yet as a fan base.


My section is in white. I’ll be wearing red even if we were there as a fan base.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

By the looks of it, the visitor side won’t even be half full. Wouldn’t matter if everyone wore white, it still wouldn’t look good.


Funny you say that, I know a number of season ticket holders who say they are not going to the game. Has apathy set in after 4 games?

(Jimmy Morris) #19

Could be worse. Last time we hosted SMU we were 4-0 and we showed 25k attendance but was more like under 20k in the stands and the excuse was, the Astros had a playoff game.

(Cristian) #20

i personally would like to be apart of this when it worked. Hopefully one day but this saturday will not be the day. lol