What was on the SMU helmet last night?


What was on the SMU helmet last night?


Numbers on one side, mustang logo with Dallas skyline on the other side. They also had little mustang award stickers on the helmet.

(PMM) #3

Don’t know what was on their helmets, but Big Ed Oliver was inside their heads !!


SMU fans were talking about how bad the helmets looked on their message board last night.

(Shawn) #5

I couldn’t tell what that logo was opposite the numbers. It looked like a red and silver blur, but I sit pretty high up in Section 312. I know the SMU helmets look pretty good chasing Duke Catalon down the sidelines…or when they are chasing #4 King.

Go Coogs.


Wait, SMU has fans, I mean a message board?


Looked so bad, even close up on tv you couldn’t tell with the glare. My girlfriend kept calling them the “dragon ghost horses”


On PonyFans they were saying it was the Dallas skyline, they thought it was bad as well.



Is that a rainbow fart or a tail?


It is the Dallas skyline, they had it on their helmets sarlier this season as well.

(Cary) #12

Like this, but chrome on white.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #13

ADs, or whomever it is that approves these types of things, need to go sit somewhere up in the stands and have an assistant put on a prototype and go down on the field. Then they can make up their minds on this stuff. Up close that helmet looks pretty sharp. From my seat 19 rows up behind their bench it looked like a wavy line.

If they’d have used a full red chrome version of their regular pony logo they’d of had something.


Wow, they are so original.