What was the attendance like


at the game?


Considering the wind, cold, and off and on misting the crowd was not too bad for UH. Besides the ones in the seats there were a good crowd in the club room. It was terrible if you want to compare it to Alabama.

(Monte P Gilliam) #3

how can you worry abouit it? How would anyone who doesnt read this board even know?? it sure wasnt in the paper or talked about on TV or radio…The only way you would even know about the spring game is to read about it here or hear about it on campus…so you certainly cant compare it with schools who trumpet their spring game all over their state…

(shharper01) #4

Agree. I didn’t know the game was yesterday. Arky had pretty bad attendance with a new coach. No one in endzones and smattering on the sides.

(Patrick) #5

It was Ok. I sat on the visitor’s side with my 3 sons and there seemed to be a few alums and quite a few recruits. Farrow’s GWAP kids sat in front of us and Sasha came by and said “hi” to my two younger ones

As @OldtimeCoog said, considering the weather, it wasn’t bad.