What you don't see in Jaaron Simmons' very strange journey

(Patrick) #1

“I understood why he (transfered from Houston to Ohio in 2012-13) and I thought Ohio U was a good fit,” Brooks, the Houston assistant, said on Friday. “A few coaches called me when he was looking for a school and I said, ‘Man, it’s a no-brainer.’ I said, ‘He’s not a great shooter, but he’s a winner. He’s won everywhere and that’s what he’s gonna do.’”

Simmons appeared in 32 games for Houston as a freshman, averaging 7.4 point and 4.2 assists. Brooks thought he might be the Cougars’ future leading man. Simmons battled a league of older guards from Louisville, Cincinnati, UConn and Memphis. He went against Shabazz Napier one night and walked away with a win against the soon-to-be national champions. (“That dude was something to deal with that night,” Brooks said Simmons.)


Had no idea Jaaron Simmons was 10th man on this Michigan team.

(Gerald) #3

I thought I recognized his name when I heard it Thursday.