What's the story with the baseball facility?

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I believe March is what they were estimating at my son’s visit earlier this month.

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Can we get that “Houston Cougars” sign on the pressbox facade re-painted?

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And power wash that wall.

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It just seems there is something off about the Baseball program. Don’t feel the energy game experience seems down from previous years. No T-shirt toss, salata strike out watch etc… Seems they are just going through there paces. And going on three years and new facility is still not done. Makes me sad.


I feel the same… I’ll keep going and buying season tix and might even get one of their nasty hot dogs on occasion because I love baseball and this time of year but there is definitely a loss of energy from previous years as we seem to keep looking for some kind of consistency across the board with this years team.

Does that sign light up?

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The Bark in the Park weekend was depressing. Last year, there were tons of dogs in the ballpark and a pretty full stadium for the Bark in the Park game. Went Friday and Sunday this year and I think there was one dog for each game. Can’t speak for Saturday’s game; might have been more with no basketball game that day.

I think some of the lack of excitement is because basketball is consuming most UH fans right now. However, the baseball team hasn’t done anything to warrant pulling attention from the basketball team as of yet. Hopefully, they can get it going, but it’s looking like this team is what it is and it is very flawed.

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It doesn’t help that every year the baseball teams start off playing terribly. The softball team right now has a much better team and deserves more of the attention. Seems like every year we are good enough to compete in our conference but not to make an NCAA tournament run. The lack of excitement can be seen in how it has taken 2+ years to build the new facility while Fertitta Center got overhauled in one.

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Anyone has a status on this? Wasn’t it supposed to be completed by May?

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Q: What is the status of the baseball clubhouse? — SpaceCoog

A: An update from UH coach Todd Whitting — an open house preview for Dugout Club members will be held Saturday during the Tulane game. Completion of the facility will come this summer, and the team will move in upon reporting for school in the fall.

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It seems like the date keep on changing.

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Yup…money keeps drying up and the weather isn’t helping much lately.

It was originally supposed to be done before last season.


This had to be the longest sports project from shovel to check-out in school history.