What's With The Red Line?


The boxes along the front of the lower concourse of TDECU Stadium (Loge Boxes ?) are very nice, and quite cool with the shade on hot sunny days. They are defined by metal rails separating them from the rif-raf standing on the concourse trying to survive the heat during games that we play in the middle of the day.

But, what is the purpose of the new red line that has now been placed along the floor about three feet back from that metal rail? And why is it necessary for the rif-raf to be harassed by the security people who insist that they all stand behind that stupid line! Whose bright idea was that?

Just askin’!


Pretty simple. The people buying loge boxes spend money so they can have the space to themselves. I don’t see the problem. If you had ponied up big bucks to avoid being crowded, wouldn’t you wish to have that space for you and your party?

FWIW, I’m in the cheap seats with the proletariat.

(David) #3

They probably didn’t want to share their beverages or food either I bet! The nerve of those people…


What do loge boxes go for?..

(Eric Prado) #5

10g donation I believe


I understand that - but their “space” is already protected by the metal rails; so - why the stupid red line - now - at this late date. Those people definitely paid big bucks for their “space,” but they did not pay for the extra three feet of the concourse - that belongs to the “proletariat”!

And the security heckling the people to stand behind that line gets more than a little annoying!


Some people were resting their junk on the rails. That’s probably why.

(Al) #8

Just to piss you off…


Apparently they did pay for the extra 3 feet of space. Otherwise they wouldn’t have the red line.

If you were sitting there you wouldn’t want a bunch of people breathing down your neck.

And…what’s with the proletariat jargon? Upgrade to first class or even coach.

I never liked that a-hole…Karl Marx.

(Dustin K) #10

I’m pretty sure the red line has always been there.


I sit on the visitors side (not in the loge boxes) and the red line has been there since the stadium opened.

The boxes sit 4 people and aren’t huge. When you are sitting there your back is probably pretty close to the rail. If I were to sit there I wouldn’t want someone right behind me hanging all over me.