What's wrong with Tulsa this year


Terrible record. Fans think Montgomery is toxic from Briles scandal. No d and just switched QBs. Did we consider Montgomery?

(Patrick) #2

Nope. Baylor stuff basically made him off limits.

Tulsa was a very senior heavy team and has had a rough time replacing those guys. He’s also an offensive coach that isn’t focusing on defense.

(G.W.) #3

They looked horrible against Tulane’s run game. Tulane never had a negative play. But Fritz has them balling.
If we block like yesterday we can keep the ball away from Tulsa like NM, Navy and Tulane.
Chad President seems to throw lame ducks, but can run. The other QB had a WR drop an easy TD.


Losing a 3500 yard passer, a 1600 yard rusher, a 1200 yard receiver and another 1000 yard receiver kinda takes it’s toll.

Not sure why their D is so pitiful.

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Tulsa QB was Baylor commit at WR.
A work in progress.
He has accuracy issues.

(G.W.) #6

Can’t easily replace that much talent. But the D was on the field something like 24:00 minutes in the first half.

(Brad) #7

I thought we passed on him more to do with how he left UH.

(Monte P Gilliam) #8

they have absolutely the worst defense in the country…Very difficult to win games with a defense that bad…hopefully our offense will control the game from the start…


I hate to be a worry wart but in our past this is the kind of game we struggle with or even lose.

I am hoping that Major’s workman like personality will translate to the team winning a workman like game.


I agree that the that they haven’t been able to replace the talent they lost. They are a run heavy team 269/game vs 179/game passing. They’re special teams are decent and have the potential to break a return so our guys will have to play very disciplined coverage lest they get burned.

Tulane has a very good D as Tulsa did get run yards against them. QB is still learning but can run. Broke 71 yard-er vs Tulane.

(steve saxenian) #11

Montgomery is a D_____bag as far as I’m concerned. When Briles left for Baylor. Montgomery stayed and was supposed to coach us through our bowl game versus TCU. When Dave Maggard found out he was recruiting for Baylor, he fired him on the spot.


if you have watched tulsa this year youd notice their qbs cant pass, they are runners… and if you have watched baylor/tulsa prior to this year youd realize passing is a significant part of their offense and hitting the deep ball

they actually has some success early thinking the team was more diverse but more film is exposing their weakness

he doesnt have the players to run his offense (atleast they arent developed enough to)… and their defense wasn’t built for low scoring games


I agree. They are very run heavy, and unlike facing SMU, run defense is our strength. They also gave up 488 yards rushing to Tulane, which is remarkably bad. You have to try really hard to not play defense to allow 488 yards rushing in one game. That’s 2 games, maybe 3 stat-line. Insane! lol

(shharper01) #14

"depleted-by-injury Hurricane defense"
The Green Wave averaged 7 yards per carry and scored a whopping eight rushing touchdowns.
Tulsa failed to force any turnovers or record any sacks, and it finished with only two tackles for lost yardage.

Their previously starting QB, Chad President, was offered by UT and commited to Baylor before switching to Tulsa when Stidham committed to BU and Monty got the TU gig. He was #47 in Texas according to 247.

RS-Freshman Luke Skipper replaced President and was solid. 10-14 passing with 1 TD and no picks. Sacked three times. He was a low-rated 3-star out of Forney and is 6’3" 200 which is the same size as Ben Hicks at SMU and Kyle Postma (6’3" 205).

(Cary) #15

With the QB change and a week under his belt with the 1’s, Skipper will put points up. But their D is horrific. We win, but people shouldn’t freak out if Tulsa has a little more success this week at home with a better QB.


I agree. It’ll be interesting to see if they can sustain drives by passing. I’m not sure they are a very good passing team as whole. I’ll do some digging. Our defense isn’t Tulane’s either. If they can’t pass and we run on them like we did SMU, then their defense will be worn out quickly. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this could be our first blow out win of the season. Notice I said “could” for those who are just as superstitious as I am. lol

Why aren't we talking Tulsa?