When does the AAC TV contract expire?

(Aaron) #1

I read about Memphis Athletic Director saying we’re looking for 8-10million a year. When are these talks going to happen and a new contract can be signed?

Specific year I’m looking for.

(Ian Blake) #2

We can look all we want. Expect the same with some Twitter or Facebook live games. In order to demand something at the bargaining table you need to have something the other side needs, and they don’t need us because of the perception, real or not, of the other 5.


new deal starts negotiating in February with espn… if everything works out…should be announced a month or 2 laters…

if espn isnt giving us what we want, we will go on the free market in february of next year, and will negotiate with anyone who wants us


No what you say is “a punch in the face”. We have value, they just want to keep us down.


disagree, we are by far the biggest conference who would even considered espn+

note in basketball: memphis could have a top 3 basketball recruiting class, uconn could have a top 10 (both are favored to land atleast 2 5stars in the coming months), if cincy or wichita end up good next season literally their entire roster returns in 2019 … not even including us 2019 aac basketball could be crazy hyped

in football: Navy/ND rivalry game will be sold in our tv package, almost every single aac qb that is touted (san tulane) is a junior or younger …and becuase of height most arent declaring early (ucf and us) we could “potentially” have the #2 and #3 precieved best qbs in college football next season (after tua)

we bring A LOT to the table… i wouldnt brush us off so easily

(Cary) #6

Everyone thinks they will get value on the open market. They won’t. Nobody is as interested in paying for college sports as ESPN. If another entity wanted to challenge ESPN, they would have done so already. Whatever ESPN offers for primary rights, that is as good as it is going to get.


Fox tried to but failed.

The cord cutting cold espn has means fox has the flu.

We will take whatever espn offers. Hopefully it is $8-10 million per school.


i think that is also wrong…NBCsports made an article in 2012 when they thought they were going to get us… that they were going to build a sports empire and the corner stone was going to be our league…
unfortunately espn matched their offer with their matching clause

since that deal nbcsports has lost a TON of college content with no replacments (ivy league and A-10 both joined espn+) their main college content …and whats more telling is they didnt go after c-usa to back fill…it wouldn’t be shocked if there are gearing up for attempt #2 with us

also cbssports just basically cleared all their c-usa content (that they could have basically gotten for free, but passed) and are paying money for bad aac games (espn left overs) i wouldnt be shocked if they are gearing up for a run at the aac…(their network was built of the teams currently in the aac)

aresco already confirmed that two major internet streamers have approached him (he wouldnt say who) but he doesnt want to go that route yet

aresco has made it very clear he was to resign with espn and will do everything he can to achieve that, but we defintely have suitors if that fails

(Ian Blake) #9

ESPN is the model for sports programming and it is bleeding cash out of its eyes. Cbssports, nbcsports, fox and the rest have taken. Note and a 9 figure deal for the AAC just does not seem realistic when they don’t have to pay for it.

The P5 drains the piggy bank. We are a novelty item. We have good teams, in football and basketball. But if ESPN wanted it we and or other good teams would be in the p5 already.

It is life


Espn is NOT bleeding cash. It simply isn’t making as much as it used to.

Huge difference. HUGE

But your point about others taking note is salient.

(Cary) #11

I read this response without first looking who wrote it and thought it was conjecture based on little evidence. Then I looked at who wrote it and said to myself, “Oh, that’s why it looks like that”

(Patrick) #12


Didn’t TBS once have the SEC games?

(Cristian) #14

Im good with TBS TNT and once in a while ABC, CBS.


I had forgotten that TBS was such a big player in college football at one time.

Wonder why they got out of it?


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(Jimmy Morris) #18

The key won’t be how much ESPN is willing to pay us for prime time (2:30, 7 Saturday and Thursday night) games. It will be how much we can get offered for our second tier games by places like Amazon and Youtube that could push the ESPN offer up to $10M. Games like USF vs UH and UCF vs Cincy draw more viewers than just their share in their home town markets. That’s a give. The ratings for games like Temple versus Navy will be the hard sell. Even a decent chunk of hard core fans on this board show a lack of interest in second tier inner-conference matchups unless it involves someone we just played or are just about to play. Part of that though, is the strangely undeserved arrogance some of our fans have that those teams are beneath us and don’t deserve our attention.

(Patrick) #19

And that’s why the idea of dumping some of the football programs (hat tip to you) would be a good idea. Less UCONNs and Tulsa’s in the programming mix and more UCF-UH or Cincy-Memphis every year.

(Jimmy Morris) #20

and to be clear on that, neither of us are talking about dumping the schools entirely from the conference. It’s about making the programs failing to move up from bottom G5 status in football the last 4 years to be non-football members. They are getting all sports money and contributing less than Wichita State.

(WRB) #21

Good concept from a competition standpoint but those schools are probably never going to agree to stop playing football unless you are still willing to give them the football $.