When Will College Basketball's Remaining Undefeateds Lose Their First Game?

(Ricky ) #1

Houston is another team that hasn’t had much competition on it’s slate–and that may be putting it kindly, considering it has played the nation’s fourth-weakest non-conference schedule, per kenpom.com. It’s like Alabama in football: fill every opening with cupcakes. The Cougars do have a home win over Oregon, but the Ducks haven’t exactly met expectations so far. The schedule ramps up a bit now with Oklahoma State on the road, which I’m calling will ruin their perfect season on Saturday, but even that’s a stretch. The Cowboys have struggled so far this season so there’s an opportunity for the Cougars to exploit their early struggles and gain another win before taking on LSU. They host the Tigers in Houston to start a seven-game homestand, with no team standing out as a particularly tough threat. They’ll finally hit the road again in January against Temple, which will likely serve as the team’s first conference loss. The AAC isn’t terribly competitive outside of Cincinnati and UCF, who Houston won’t face until February. That’s when we’ll get a good look at this team’s ceiling. It should finish the season and conference competition with only a few losses on record thanks to its relatively stress-free schedule.

Prediction: Oklahoma State


So what this article is basically saying, it’s what we know already. We’re pretty good.

(Jimmy Morris) #3

Our biggest concern is how many offensive rebounds we gave up the past week. If we get that back in check, I consider us the favorite against Oklahoma State.


This gentleman just put an excuse clause in his analysis: if the Coogs win, it was because Okie State and everyone is struggling, instead of UH being that good…hey, it works for Golden State, it works for the Coogs…keep beating the weaker teams to the National Championship!!!

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Caught the OSU and Tulsa game last night and it doesnt look like OSU is a very good defensive team…that being said winning on the road is always difficult!

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I watched OSU vs TU last as well. I think OSU will play us tougher @ home. Only 2 games there so far. The bulk of their schedule was Advocare tourney. Their best player (McGriff) hardly played at all in 1st half b/c early foul trouble. I think we are much better coached!

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Very true! They did beat up on Memphis and LSU.


I think the Coogs take em! Go Coogs!


With Arizona St. losing last night against Neveda, there is only 10 teams undefeated now.


SI…you were wrong.


So, the fact that this writer picked the wrong winner in our game, it just weakened his lackluster analysis of the Cougars. How more obvious can you be regarding your opinion about a team? smh

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SI has little if any interest in UH


Lets enjoy it while we can. If we’re going to lose a game, let it be in the regular season.

In the NCAA tournament, it’s one and done.


Welp, number #1 Gonzaga is no longer undefeated they lost in a neutral court vs Tennesse. And there is 9 now.


And Grand Canyon starts ahead 11-0 over #6 Nevada.

Strange stat: all of Nevada’s starters are graduate transfers. That’s nuts. A brand new, experienced, college team. WTF.

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Grand Canyon ugh I hated that game a few years ago. Can we schedule them on our revenge tour?

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Thunder Dan! [Edit: the coach…not you!]


Realtimerpi.com Has UH going 31-1. That’d be ok.