Where exactly does Greg Ward Jr. rank in the Cougar QB pantheon?

You don’t need to get offended(and rude) cause I disagree with you. I didn’t call you names or say anything rudely or sarcastically. I made a valid point that you ignored in your post.

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The only thing I hate about Andre Ware was how he used to talk down about UH before Herman came aboard.

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Ware no. 1? No conference championships, no bowl wins…he is NOT our best QB…Heisman?? so what? its about winning and he didnt win enough;;;period…
1.Greg Ward jr… if he wins another championship and Cotton bowl.
2. Danny Davis…
3, Case Keenum
4.Andre Ware
5,DC Nobles

I’d agree if we were talking about team greatness. Wins come from teams. Football wins are probably less about any given individual than any other mainstream sport.

On the other hand, the Heisman goes to someone who displays extraordinary individual greatness beyond anyone else in all of the NCAA over a season. He’s in a league of his own until another coog wins another Heisman.

No offense to you Ward backers, friends and family members reading in the shadows but no way he is number one, certainly not over Keenum. That said, his athleticism and style kept the program afloat, as we were headed for 2-10 after the start of 2014 as the John O’Korn era flopped.

Ward beat 4 nationally ranked teams last year and 1 so far this year…including 3 in top 10…Keenum beat no 5 Okie state for his 1 victory over a high ranked opponent.Winning matters…WHO you win against matters more…Ward is a chief contributor of return to Cougar greatness…our ranking says so.

Career Yards per Rushing/Passing Attempt:

  1. Klingler 7.95
  2. Ward 7.09 through UConn
  3. Ware 6.75
  4. Kolb 6.73
  5. Klingler 6.52

Career TDs per Rushing/Passing Attempt

  1. Keenum 7.0%
  2. Ware 6.8%
  3. Klingler 6.5%
  4. Ward 6.0% through UConn
  5. Kolb 5.2%

In terms of pure production, Keenum is #1. But the QB’s job is to score enough/move the offense enough to win games. Winning is just as important in judging QBs as pure stats.

So I would multiply each of those stats by the QB’s career winning percentage. So if you only win half your games, then your production is cut in half.

Once you apply the winning percentage “discount factor” to the stats above, Ward is #1 in both adjusted yards per play and adjusted TDs per play.

But his career isn’t over. His winning percentage could take a big hit between now and the bowl game. Who knows. Too early to make any judgments.

All I know is that I am glad we have one of the Top 5 QBs in school history at the helm for these final 8-9 games.

You are forgetting how important defense is. The last two years have easily been the best defense at least since the 70s. That is huge when it comes to winning games. Briles and Sumlin both just didn’t give a crap about defense.

Here’s a question. How would Keenum fare in Ward’s place and vice versa? I submit keenum would have won as many games as Ward has(or more), but Ward would have lost way more than Keenum. In fact if Keenun would have been playing for Levine, he never gets fired.

Interesting argument and some good points. I think Patrick’s is pretty insightful. You kind of look at UH QBs in groups, There are the system types (Ware, Klingler, Keenum?), the winners/leaders (Davis, Ward, Mullins), and the guys who were great passers (Kolb, Keenum, Clements). Put winning together with talent, and I’m not sure it wouldn’t be Ward. Love Keenum but you put Ward in that Southern Miss game, and UH would have had more than 55 yards rushing, which was, IMO, the major reason USM won.

Good spot for this. https://youtu.be/6g2OXATDwVs

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