Where were TCU fans?


At the B12 title game they sold 62k tickets. Both endzones and camera side were solid dirty red. That’s at least 40 of the 62k. TCU is 15 miles from that stadium. OU/UH drew 72k with at least 50k in scarlet red. WTF?

(Patrick) #2

TCU got into the B12 because Del Conte bent the proverbial knee to the dark lord, Deloss Dodds. They sold their soul to the devil to ensure that Texas has a block of schools that could ensure the B12 did nothing without UTs approval.

Fanbase isn’t large.

(Butch) #3

Regardless, the Big 12 title game was over 40k short of selling out. TCU does not have a huge fan base and never has, but winning consistently is what got them back in to P5…For too many years we had fair weather fans, and nothing has changed. We have to compete for conference titles to draw decent crowds. We are in no position to say anything about other team’s fan bases especially when you look at our basketball attendance.
We had everything going for us when we played OU in our opener…we had finished in the top 10 after a win over FSU and were considered a top G5 candidate to break the final four that year. Also, many of the fans at NRG rooting for our Coogs were simply “college football” fans out to see a great game. Unfortunately, we didn’t see too many casual fans this past year and still drew pretty well…