Who belongs on UH football’s Mount Rushmore?

(Patrick) #1

Sorry, Ed, not yet. I’d have to replace him with Yeoman who should be the first Coog on that mountain.

(Randy ) #2

I don’t think Ed should be on there while he’s still playing. I also think Yeoman should be up there. Let’s be real though… Ed’s going to up there and we are just punting the decision of who to remove.

So who is it? Ware has a Heisman so he’s a lock on the list, IMO. I just can’t imagine a UH Football Mount Rushmore without Case on it. I graduated in 2007 so maybe I’m a little biased to him but I think he has to be there. It’s more than the NCAA records. The guy is just a Coog through and through. I feel the same way about Yeoman.

My UH Football Mount Rushmore (after this year assuming Ed has another big year):



Is it limited to football players?

(Randy ) #4

It’s limited to UH Football.

(PMM) #5

Any of you ever heard of Wilson Whitley !!!


Gee he musta bin a ping pong player who ended Royal’s career.

(Randy ) #7

Yes, and he was on Duarte’s list. I replaced Whitley with Yeoman.


I know younger UH alums are a little biased but The NCAAs all-time leading passer has to be on the list. UH’s only Heisman winner is also on the list. Before Ed, Wilson Whitley was the man as far as major award winners. I think at this point Whitley edges Ed out as far as defensive players are concerned, because Ed isn’t done playing yet. Once he’s done, he’s on there. I don’t have a problem with Yeoman being on the list either. My Mount Rushmore:


Always a problem with a list of any kind. There are always people left out. Asking us questions like this is like asking a parent which child they love more…


If Bill Yeoman is not on the list then it is a mount of something but not Rushmore.


On a serious note… which player that deserves serious consideration has been left out? When you ask for 3 or 4 it dramatically shortens the list. If you ask for 10, it brings more names into play.


If coaches are allowed, then you put him on the list, or make it 5. He definitely deserves to be recognized.


I think you should have one for coaches and another for players…

(Timothy Q. Chan) #14

Why can we only have four? If we’re going to make a Rushmore in Houston it’ll need to be built out of concrete, due to lack of native stone. We can make it as big as we want, we put a man on the Moon and built the Eighth Wonder of the World… Don’t tell me we can’t do it.

I say we finally build that wall around Houston that so many coaches have talked about, with the faces of all our great players on top, mean mugging the outside world.

(Nick K) #15

at this moment it’s,
lombardi winner. whitley
hiesman winner ware
outland winner oliver

case loses out despite his greatness as a college qb and as an individual.

try this exercise using all cougars all time in every sport and it gets even harder…

yeoman, guy v, carl lewis, ware or olajuwon?

(Nathan) #16

It’s players only.

(Randy ) #17

Not according to Duarte.

(Cary) #18

Lest we forget, Keenum already has had one of the best/longest pro-career for an alumnus. Additionally, we all know that if Keenum had Texas on his jersey and had accomplished the same things he did at UH, he would have a Heisman Trophy on his mantel.


Yoeman is the mountain.


As much as I love Case Keenum, he has not had the best/longest pro career by an alumnus. Just a few ex-Coogs who played longer than Case and made 1 or more Pro Bowls are: Pat Studstill, Riley Odoms, Greg Brezina, Kimble Anders, Curley Johnson, Dan Birdwell, and Audrey McMillan.