Who came here on Sun/Mon

Who came here on Sun/Mon hoping to see a thread about the D Coordinator being fired?

I secretly hoped so. Though I know it’s not that easy. People have been offering all manner of rationale’s but I just can’t accept that we are supposed to have literally the worst defense in D1. And I can’t be convinced that another coach couldn’t do better.

I feel bad for the kids, I don’t think we are bereft of talent. And watch Tech finish 5-7 with Kingsbury being let go.

We can do better. It seems Applewhite’s teams are not complete. And it seems to be a trend. We have also been embarrassed now several times under Applewhite.


The only thing I will say is that Major is a Mack Brown disciple. Mack routinely got embarrassed by Bob Stoops (I’m talking 63-17 type beat downs). But Mack would almost always rally the team afterward and get to 10 wins. But he also had massive talent on the roster. We lost the one player in the secondary we couldn’t lose. That was devastating. We will see what Major can do. This is where he can prove his metal as a HC. If the defense improves, he deserves credit.


I wouldn’t have been too happy to see the DC fired… long run probably yes, I definitely think we can make another home run hire like we did with Orlando. But this early into the season with internal chaos like that wouldn’t sit to well with me. Maybe that’s stupid, I dunno. Just saying how I feel.

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Another two questions. First, about the D.

Can anyone recall where a team had one of the worst D’s in all of college FB and at the same time had the best Defensive player in all of college FB?

2nd question. Is this going to turn out to be one of UH’s greatest “Coog It” of all time?

Perfect storm at UH this season with UH having a wide open O that often scores in less than 2 minutes and a D that has limited talent in the backfield and a DC who " will not or cannot change what UH is doing on D".

Problem is, what coach can you bring in at this point in the season? You can’t just go hire someone from another team 3 weeks in…which means you’re bringing in someone that’s unemployed…which we already did with D’Onifrio.

My guess, based on CMA’s comments, is that he’ll get until the end of the season to get things fixed. Hell, he’s got about 2 1/2 weeks right now to get things straight as we have TSU and then a bye before playing Tulsa on a Thursday night. If there isn’t improvement, there will be a change.


Drastic times call for drastic measures. We only have Ed for this season and maybe we only have Briles for this season. We must win now. The only way to bring in a new DC midseason is to promote from within. I’m hoping CMA told CMD this weekend that if he sees another defensive performance like what we saw this past weekend, he’s promoting Blum to interim DC and demoting CMD to linebackers coach until the end of the year and then he’s gone. CMA’s job hinges on winning and we are going to struggle beating decent teams if our defense doesn’t change. If CMD is incapable of changing, he shouldn’t be in charge of the defense–plain and simple.


As much as I would have liked to see a change, it’s just not practical. As sad as it is, the depth of experience on the D staff, does not support the promotion of anybody into the DC role. That makes CMD the best choice (can’t believe I said that…:face_vomiting:!) for the program and the players. Year end should be a different story. CMD would have to coach lights out the rest of the year for me to support keeping him. I mean, total destruction of opposing offenses! Maybe we need a go fund me page to pay the buy out :weary:.

It’s the reality of it. Who would you promote from the staff who you think could do a better job? Our position coaches are struggling right now to make sure the players can tackle. The last thing we want for recruiting is to not have a DC for the whole season. You make a change there at the end of the season, then any players who were committed because of the DC (assuming there are some like that) will have less time and fewer options to switch schools. That sounds like a bad way to look at it, but coaching changes have cost us a lot in recruiting the last few years. Better to minimize it.

Make Chris Pezman the DC and use coach Yeoman as a consultant. :grinning:

Get Wade Phillips!!!

He’s got to be tired of LA.

How many P5 teams are constantly looking for DC’s? How many years did the whorns suffer? Look at Tech’s history before Gibbs. I’m all for finding another Gibbs or Orlando and doing it ASAP, but it’s unrealistic to think CMA or anyone else could find a bona fide candidate in the middle of a season. Just trying to be realistic. Briles bailed on us in part because DM made him hire new coordinators. I seriously doubt CMA isn’t aware about the importance of winning now.

And although it’s been mentioned many times, CMD was recommended by none other than Orlando – who even now, some said should have been named HC! And I’m reminded by Whorn friends that they were ready to ditch Orlando last year. Even this year, after their loss to Maryland! Not so fast. They liked the USC result/win.

Actually, he’s got four weeks. Schedule lines up as follows: TX Southern, bye week, Tulsa, and then at ECU. That’s a good stretch to work on depth, and get problems with scheme resolved. If it can’t be fixed after that stretch of yawners, then someone is gone at the end of the season.

I’m still sick. I tried to watch it again and just couldn’t. I’m just befuddled how great we played on offense and how utterly horrible our defense was with the best player in the country. Disappointed is an understatement. I need redemption but not gonna get it from tsu. We better not lose any of these next few conference games.


Well like I said… I know it’s not that easy… it has been done before… but usually there was somebody who could fill the role and like others on here I don’t see who that would be. The good thing about CMD is he knows how to defend the option.

Still though, we have seen this horror show too many times, and things didn’t get better (think like T Bush and J. Bryant). And this is what this feels like to me.

The point of the thread is that deep down I was secretly hoping that a strong statement would be made, and a firing would be strong statement. However, it could indicate chaos too…

Soooooo here we are. Let’s hope it gets better and quick.


He may be tired of LA; but I doubt he’s tired of the money they pay him.


I feel you, I deleted the game because I couldn’t watch it. For me, the only redemption is to go undefeated the rest the season. I know people say it’s not that easy I get that but with the offense that we have and like you said the best defensive player in the country along with the other four-star people we picked up there should be no excuse on why we can’t win the rest of our games.


Does anyone see Dorito evolving into a DC that we advocate for the next time we’re looking for a coach? I don’t.

Of Orlando, Gibbs, Bryant, Stewart, Skladany, Weddel, and Dorito I would place our current DC only ahead of Bryant in their ability to be a long-term asset to the program. Ugh!

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