Who else will be rooting for Baylor this weekend?

(Nathan) #1

For the first time this season I hope Baylor wins. How sweet it would be to see the whorns be their first win.

(Brad) #2

What Baylor did to us, and how they got into the Big 12 with the break up of the SWC leads me to never want to root for Baylor ever…ever!

I will be happy when we are not talking about either of these teams.

(James Duncan) #3

Reveling at Texas’s expense is always good for a lark.

Actually reviewing their record this decade shows how immensely mediocre they’ve become.
This would be their 3rd consecutive season missing a bowl game, and their 5th losing record out of 8 tries.
(Conversely in the 00s they won at least 10 gms every year aside from 9 wins in 2000).

With all the revenue in the world, their own network, overflowing fan support, access to nationwide recruiting, history, school pedigree, no sanctions recovering from, and this is what they deliver.

2010 - 5-7
2011 - 8-5
2012 - 9-4
2013 - 8-5
2014 - 6-7
2015 - 5-7
2016 - 5-7
2017 - 3-4

Losing records per decade from the Royal era:
1960s - 0 (never lost more than 4 gms)
1970s - 0 (only 1976 lost more than 4)
1980s - 3 ('86 - '89)
1990s - 2
2000s - 0
2010s - 4 (5 this season)

From Royal’s start in 1957 through 2009, they had a total of TWO seasons with 7 losses.
They’ve tripled that total in the last 8 years.

No matter how far UH is under-performing, I can only imagine what long time UT fan is going through.


I would be very happy to see them BOTH lose!

(Bryant Hargrave) #5

Nope can’t root for any of these schools, I only root for this have to be an abomination upon the sport. I want a have so ugly, penalty filled, and poorly played that even the winning Coach is sad.


The only thing better than Baylor going 0-12 is them going 1-11 with a win over UT.

(Ron Derrington) #7

Not rooting for BU, but will root against UT.

(Dan) #8

Baylor will not be bowl eligible and I hope Austin isn’t either. Give me Baylor this week due to the circumstances.

(Cary) #9

We win either way.


With the exception of last year, I root for anyone UT plays!

(Jimmy Morris) #11

If you watch UT and Baylor play, you are part of the problem.