Who will be our starter at QB?


Do you think King, Smith, or Tune will be the starter?

My vote is for King, but I think an open competition is best for the development of all QBs learning a new system, and terminology.


I think it will be King. As I believe it would have been King at the beginning of the last year if He had not gotten injured in practice.


Interesting. I wonder why CMA chose to name a starter prior to spring ball this year, as opposed to last year? I have a feeling that the offense may have not change too much if he’s confident enough to name King the starter, and Tune hasn’t had a Spring camp yet. Speculation on my part but it may be motivation to the other QB’s.


No doubt in my opinion, King will start.
Experience is the key issue.
However, as the other QB’s get the system, personnel, etc., CMA has shown he will not hesitate to make a change if necessary.

(Marcus) #5

King has taken snaps and had success as the starter. Going into last year neither he nor Allen had started for us at QB. Postma had, but had shown himself to be more of a career backup.

I don’t think that means King will definitely be starting in September, but going into Spring practice it should be his job to lose. I, personally, have wanted King to start since before last year. His tape at Manvel is remarkable. People got caught up with Allen’s star rating and pro prospects. I think King is going to thrive this year in a Briles system.


Eh, take it to the Briles thread.


Take what?

I wonder how quickly Tune can pick up the offense.

(Marcus) #8

Yea, because the playcaller and system have no relevancy to the quarterback position.

(Alfred Matthews) #9


  1. He has the most experience out of everyone on the roster
  2. We need the ball in his hands every play. QB is the only position that does that.
  3. If we are starting Tune or even Smith at QB that basically mean we starting all over. We are trying to win now.

Unless King gets hurt during the season or in fall camp he will be the starter.


I agree with your first two points but we are starting back over on offense. It’s a whole new staff, and maybe a whole new system that CMA wants CKB to “install”. Maybe they’ll keep somethings the same and the reason why King has a leg up due to familiarity. On the on the other end, if the system is in fact the same, then Smith has also been familiar with it. Just because he didn’t start doesn’t mean he didn’t get reps during practices with the 2’s and 3’s.


Lot’s of opinions on here. Nobody really knows who will start next fall and/or who will play the most minutes near year in the new Briles’ offense that we will be installing this spring.

(PortlandCoog) #12

This is the kind of convo we don’t want here. This thread is legit.

(Ryon Adams) #13

D’Eriq King


King should be the obvious starter. The young man played extremely well last season and has the physical tools to elevate his game even much higher. In fact, I believe he’s capable of exceeding Greg Ward’s junior year performance this coming season if the offensive system improvements are as good as we all hope they’ll be.


I agree. I think the “install” of the new offense is the biggest X factor that we don’t know. During the interview with CMA he said that CKB was going to come and install his offense. Obviously there will be some variations here and there but we still don’t know what that offense is going to be. Is it going to be the CMA offense with plays added on by CKB? Or is it going to be the CKB offense with CMA adding is input? Should be interesting, but as long as it is effective that’s all that matters to me.

(Butch) #16

The only way King doesn’t start at quarterback for us is if he gets injured or that he decides he would rather play receiver to enhance his chances of being drafted to the next level. My guess is that he is a leader on this team and will be running the new offense…

(Monte P Gilliam) #17

Its going to be a long year and we will need both our QBs to play. King will start, i think, but Smith will play a lot as well. We need to keep our QBs fresh and healthy…We have 3 good ones…

(Chris) #18

Friends, we have a new OC, a new OL Coach. At this time D’Erik King is in the lead since he started the last game. Comes Spring ball, training camp it is back to who will earn the job. I want to see a QB room with one common goal. Excel. We are starting over with Briles make no mistake about that. What is huge for entire Team is that everyone has a chance to start. Let the competition begin. I will worry later. I trust our Coaching staff to send the same message. Competition makes us better all around.


You can’t be serious. That was obviously a joke related to all of the angst over “cross-pollination” between threads.

Don’t assume the worst of everyone - you’ll be happier overall.

(Mike Higdon) #20

I would have assumed King would be the starter leading into camp. But, I am not locked in on anyone. With a new OC and new system, I would hope all players in spring camp will have an equal shot. I want whomever gives UH the best chance to win and I think the coaching staff would feel the same. All one has to do is to recall the CFP championship game to realize that a true freshman can be a good leader and very good QB. But, we don’t know if our freshman or redshirt freshman QBs are good enough, or mature enough, to take on that role.

If someone, other than King, wins the starting job, then we will know we have a very good QB. That is good enough for me.